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  1. InVisions - Parasite (Single) (2018)

    It is definitely worth listening to. If you like this, you will absolutely love their debut.
  2. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    Thanks. Been waiting on this.
  3. Blind Summit - Abjection (Single) (2018)

    Agreed. Different, but somewhat satisfying. And yes the breakdown is nice.
  4. InVisions - Parasite (Single) (2018)

    The album they put out last year(i think), was pretty good, sounded a lot like early AA. This is pretty good too, just they added that "Attila" effect without the cheesy lyrics. And the disturbed bark at the beginning couldve been left out imo. But still interested in what this album will sound like as a whole.
  5. Alien Weaponry - Holding My Breath (Single) (2018)

    I like the intro riffs and drumming. Very catchy, but the vocals threw it off for me. Just my opinion. But even still the band has potential.
  6. Parkway Drive - Wishing Wells (Single) (2018)

    Cannot wait on this. One of my top 5 fav bands. Bad ass!!!
  7. Snoop Dogg - 220 (2018)

    Im only getting the intro downloaded for some reason. Is anyone else having this issue?
  8. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (2018)

    This band has always been a fav of mine. Loved their first two, but this one is amazing. Erased, why?, and singing in the swamp are masterpieces to me imo. Great band with a great future. Unique and different works.
  9. Corrosion of Conformity - No Cross No Crown (2018)

    Great album. Pepper sounds great. I'm glad hes back. I liked them without him too, but wiseblood,deliverance, and in the arms of God are great classic albums!! This one is too.
  10. 2017 Album Of The Year - Initial Voting

    my top 10 Oceans ate Alaska - Hikira While She Sleeps - You Are We We Came As Romans - Cold Like War August Burns Red- Phantom Anthem Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down Eninem - Revival Falling In Reverse - Coming Home Stone Sour - Hydrograd Like Moths To Flames - Dark Divine Motionless In White - Graveyard Shift
  11. Charli XCX - Pop 2 (2017)

    I am. I noticed the the note at the top of the page. Didn't mean to sound impatient. I appreciate all you guys do, and have been for a while. Much respect for all you guys do. I meant no disrespect at all.
  12. Charli XCX - Pop 2 (2017)

    The Zippyshare links are down.
  13. Linkin Park - One More Light Live (2017)

    The Zippyshare links are down.
  14. Way more than appreciated and thankful!!! Keep up all the work you do, it's got to be hard and stressful at times, and you are the best I've seen at what you do!! Once again , can't say thank you enough!!!
  15. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    I like this album a lot. That's just me. Its different. And yea it does sound like BMTH a lot, but its the lyrics and emotion behind it that l like. Great album overall, could've defininitly gone without Empire though. Room 138 is my favorite. Only because I can relate. I've been there. That's why i'm 3 years sober cause of a od.