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  1. I agree with that. TDWP are great too. Ive seen them twice and it was great.
  2. Thank you!! Been waiting on this a while!! KL rocks!
  3. Love this band since their ep. Lost isles was a masterpiece. This one may top that one. The drummer for oaa is freaking insane!! I saw them at warped and that dude was ripping the drums up. All of the band is very talented. I like the new singer as well. Hope the full album kills,and im sure it will.
  4. This is great as hell Reminds me of cane hill. Love them too. I wish it did t skip though....
  5. It sounds better than anything off of cold world. I think their new album will be great. They have a lot to prove without austin, like him or not. Unbreakable was great, this one is like a radio song. First single type thing. The rest will probably smash the last two cds.
  6. Muse has always been different to me. Like a guilty pleasure band. I thought drones kicked ass though. This is pretty cool, the only thing is it sounds like madness pt.2. Blackholes and Revelations is one of my favorites albums by them also.
  7. True, they can and i like all there previous work. This one though....ive listened to it twice now and i cringe at every song, except maybe 2,talking to myself is ok, and so is Sharp Edges in a way. I just dont get the whole pop sound when they have 2 guitarists who are good and a great drummer too. They seem absent on most songs. But thats just my opinion. If people like it, go for it.
  8. This is an insult to their name. There guitar players and drummer must be pissed. It literally sounds like nsync with chester added as a member. Wow.
  9. This is amazing compared to their previous efforts. Calloused was unreal, but this one every song has me slamming my head away!
  10. This is one of their best albums ever. Love it. Sound like old seether, mixed with a little of their other. But heavier than i expected. And does anyone else have a problem with the last track just stopping around the 1:42 mark? Didnt know if it was just mine.
  11. Just got back from seeing them , avatar , and in this moment in atl. One hell of a show. Avatar was amazing. All if them were. Also got a preorder for the cd. But cant get it till midnight on the 5th.
  12. single

    He says, been a long time since rock and roll, its only rock and roll cause i like like it during the pre course
  13. single

    This is a head banger!! They rock this out big time. Its cool to for the nods to zeppelin and the stones too. True rock and roll. High hopes for this album!!
  14. This is one of my favorite bands. I thought austin was a great screamer, but if they continue this sound, they will be way better. Aaron needed to get back to his full potential anyway. I still like austin, im not dissing on him, but this absolutely destroys anything on cold world, except maybe pain.
  15. Imo, this is nothing compared to divination , earthwalker, or skydancer. Seems like they are softening up a little. Maybe its just me.