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  1. Loved the new age warriors ep. This ones gonna be great too.
  2. No im more into metal, but loved rap from 90-2002ish. Now its not worth keeping up with. All the good rappers that are new i find on here. The ones i know i listen to and look for. The crap on the radio all sounds the same to me so, no, i guess im not in the rap game like i used to be. Just my opinion. Some like todays rap. I just get tires of the rick ross,2chainz,lil this,lil that,yound something,always rapping about the same thing, over the same beat.
  3. Great album. Don't sleep on this. Great guitars. Heavy as hell!
  4. ...i guess it's good to be the enemy.(that don't mean it ain't so bad,etc,.)

  5. I know, im just saying they are definitely influenced by them. Of course no one can duplicate TOOL. This bsnd to me just has a similar sound. I like it too. Great album. Different in its own way.
  6. Kinda sounds like tool and 10 years had a child. Great album. Also the name sounds like something maynard would call a side project. I know its not him but, the comparison is close.
  7. Cool. Might check it out. Thanks.
  8. Does this sound like real hip hop, or like every other rap album that comes out nowadays.
  9. This is great and different. Love it. Sounds like 90's grunge on some songs. Hope 320 comes soon.
  10. This is fucking bad ass!! Why do bands like this quit? Damn this ep is killer!!
  11. Parkway Drive is in my top 5 fav. Bands. Love everything they have put out. Horizons,Ire, and Deep Blue are my favorites,but i love them all just as much. Good to see a fellow pwd fan on here like me.
  12. They are one of my favorites. Ive got all their albums since they started. I recommend wormwood,the dead walk,and the continent. Very good albums by them. To me the are all great, but listen to those also, if you like gravebloom. You wont be disappointed.
  13. They are a lot of AOTY contenders to me. A lot of great releases this year so far, and still a ways to go. Like OAA and several others. Great year for music!!
  14. Just bought the physical copy. The booklet is nice, lyrics are cool. Sounds fucking amazing!! Ill always support ss and slipknot. Also got tas too. Headbanging way too much, my damn necks sore!!
  15. They worked just fine for me.