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  1. Sounds like a weird combination. Sound interesting though....im going to check it out.
  2. I have made more friends through music than any other way it seems. Music is universal. Love it as much as you can. But try to headbang to it all!! Play it LOUD and go deaf!! You might not be able to hear but youll be happy...

  3. I think this album is great. Heavy and melodic. As far as older stuff, declaration is my fav, but This is love this is murderous is a close second. The truth is not that bad either. Great band all together!!
  4. One things for sure. She is damn sexy and has talent. Good to see a great sounding solo rock and roll female kicking ass. The Heart cover is amazing too by the way.
  5. No kidding. When first heard a looking in view, it gave me the damn chills. Same with check my brain and stone
  6. Beautiful! Love AIC always will. Layne would be proud.
  7. This band always comes out with great tunes. I like how all three singles are slightly different. Being one of my favorite bands, this I can't wait for!!! FTH!!
  8. That would be great. Nothing better than a kick ass metal show!! Keep me informed. I'm still banging my head to this album, love it man. Just great. you all will go a long ways if you continue on this path!!! I wish you nothing but the best!!!!
  9. I'm from Greenville,s.c. so to me your local. you have my full support. keep up the great headbanging sick ass tunes man!!!
  10. Great music man!! Will be huge fan. Put out more. You have added something different to a worn out genre. Keep it going strong. You have my support!!
  11. The links are still not working. And u god has some kick ass albums.
  12. Say Amen sounds like a leftover track from the last album imo. The other one is ok. They're like a guilty pleasure band for me cause my daughter likes them anyway. But like the last one, it could grow on me...
  13. It is definitely worth listening to. If you like this, you will absolutely love their debut.
  14. Thanks. Been waiting on this.
  15. Agreed. Different, but somewhat satisfying. And yes the breakdown is nice.