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  1. Didnt know that.
  2. I guess. They trash the metal i listen to constantly. I dont care though. But i just dont get how they or anyone can call most rap, rap now. Its all repetitive worse than any genre, except maybe country. And most of the new rappers just mumble and say nonsense. At least back in the day they had something you could understand. And the beats were more variable. I dont know. Dont care . Dont know why im commenting. All hail metal!!!
  3. Hes different. But other than that he is no em, tech n9ne or jay z. Why call yourself rap? Why does half the crap they call rap call it that now. Lil is in about half the names. They all stutter the same thing. "Ican-rapa-song-ina-bong-alnite-long-cook crack til dawn." .......i miss 2 pac and biggie. Plus use different style beat once and again. Lil peep at least does that i will say. And once again just my opinion dont mean any offense to anybody.
  4. People should listen to this band more. Very overlooked. Great fucking album. And as BOT said above, their first one is way slept on.
  5. I was just making a statement. MCR is a cool band , i used them as a reference, compared to this guy they would be considered real emo. But i see the point. They are a lot of more "real" emo bands out there i could have put, they just came to mind. I mean no offense to anyone who likes lil peep or MCR. Just t say...
  6. Future of emo? Really? So i guess they will be an emo rap genre soon. What a sad day when this happens. WTF? Bring back real emo like MCR. Not some wannabe emo wannabe rapper who wishes he was emo.
  7. Jesse from eagles of death metal used to work at a music store where i live, knew him well back then. But kesha done well on this album, great comeback. I generally dont listen to this type of music, but her story is an interesting one. And its cool hearing TEODM playing on a couple of tracks. Guilty pleasure i guess.
  8. Thank you. I wasnt sure it was gonna get posted. I love the sword and been waiting on this. Much love. Great album to begin with, but really cool this way too.
  9. As much as i love the hell out this album, does anyone else hear slipknot's the heretic anthem riff in disdain? Or is it just me. Still a banger of an album. Not a good as blueprints to me yet, but close.
  10. This album lives up to everything i thought it would be and more! Wage War is bad ass. Ive seen them twice live. Blueprints is one of my fav albums of all time. And im really loving this one. Disdain...DAMN!!! Love them all though. On my 3rd spin...
  11. This band does electronic metalcore the perfect way. I love all their albums. Plus its cool how they are putting out eps like this. New age warriors was sick! Zion was too. Now this one kicks ass too, but the only flaw is the guy rapping on the first song. In my opnion. Other than that it fucking slams!
  12. I thought the album had a few decent songs on it. Plus look what austin was dealing with while the writing and recording it. Say what you will about him, but he is one strong dude to tour and such with his body basically falling apart. I think the song pain says it all. And probably the only great song on the album. But the lyrics to the lie are great too. Everything else agree is meh compared to the other albums, but hey, at least it wasn't a tee-hee right?
  13. didnt literally mean fall asleep. as you know this. Im just saying this album is worth checking out. But nowhere near napalm death. So....do you act very hyper when its dead quiet?
  14. great fucking album. Sounds good in headphones i may add. Dont sleep on this!!
  15. Sad to hear you are leaving. Great dude. Sorry i didnt get to know you better. Take care and good luck with everything in life!!!!