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  1. Adore this band, but seeing how stellar “Petaluma” was for me, this song doesn’t do much. 🤷🏻‍♂️ definitely excited for new material though !
  2. Great tune! I also enjoyed Moody’s song on the Fantastic Four soundtrack, “Everything Burns”. I definitely recommend checkOmg out the Arrows To Athens project first, as it’s the most “rock” driven 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Appreciate that ! i will say that if you’re a fan of the songwriting from the “Fallen” album, dive deep into David Hodges’ solo stuff, as well as his numerous side projects that lean more towards a rock sound (Arrows To Athens, The Age Of Information). He’s also been consistently writing for other artists in the industry since the Evanescence days, most of those songs you’ve probably even heard on the radio. By far my favorite writer in the business !
  4. Ben Moody & David Hodges were no doubt the geniuses behind most aspects of “Fallen”. I love Amy’s voice, but nothing the band has released since then has even come close to that quality, songwriting wise. Not a fan of this at all 😟
  5. 0% of this sounds like the Theory Of A Deadman i once knew and loved. :sigh:
  6. It would appear from the tracklist for the entire soundtrack that this song is sung by Idina Menzel (Elsa) in the context of the movie, and the Panic! version is the "Alternate" version that will aim to get radio play, etc., similar to what they did with "Let It Go" from the first movie. I could be wrong, but this is my assumption As said above, other than heavily showcasing Brandon's insane range (which, most Panic! songs already do these days...), this song doesn't do much for me at all. But i don't really expect Frozen 2 to do much for me, period (and this is coming from a pretty big Disney fan). With the exception of "Let It Go" being a very solid (if not vastly overplayed) pop song, and Olaf's funny one liners, the first "Frozen" was pretty boring and disappointing to me.
  7. This excites me, as “Futures” is virtually friggin’ perfect
  8. I may prefer the old singer a bit more, but this is a fantastic EP! ”Afloat” reminds me A LOT of “Wildfire” from the last album, which was my favorite track.
  9. Oh wow - “Dusk & Summer” brings me right back to my Junior year of high school. Fucking memoriessssss Particularly fond of those versions & “A mark a mission...”! The “Alter The Ending” ones are nice, but i think i prefer the acoustic versions that the deluxe version of that album came with, which were essentially the same with a bit glossier production and some more instrumental elements. love this concept though !!!
  10. So stoked these guys are making music again. "RX" is an killer track !!!!
  11. Thanks man ! Glad i'm not the only one that sees this, but damn how i wish it weren't true lol
  12. Should've included Boy Named Goo in my mentions ! Love that one as well. "Gutterflower" may hold a bit more personal weight for me, but everything through that album was pretty damn solid, in my opinion. And what's so baffling about their devolution into more of the adult soft rock stuff, is that their ballads/slower/Mid tempo songs used to be INCREDIBLE and huge standouts - "Iris", "Name", "Black Balloon", "Acoustic #3", etc. all have strong hooks and melodies. Their newer stuff, as a majority, is in this style, yet has virtually NO identity; The songs sound like they could've been written by any number of pop rock bands.
  13. Just came by to say what an awesome band name that is !
  14. Was a big GGD fan up through “Let Love In” (which wasn’t my favorite but had some great tunes). I don’t understand how their songwriting took such a shitty turn since then. It’s all such generic pop rock now, it’s crazy to think that songs like “Iris” and “Name” came from the same group. 2016’s “Boxes” had a little hope, but was a far cry from “Gutterflower” and “Dizzy Up The Girl”. I fear the same for the next release.
  15. Haven’t listened to this newest album yet, but Panic Division’s past stuff is definitely wayyy more rock oriented than The 1975’s. They were also were releasing this type of music quite a bit of time before The 1975 were even on the scene yet.
  16. Ah yes...Taylor and Kesha : Changing the world one song at a time with each brilliant dose of social commentary they release. ?? I never thought I’d long for the days of the young songwriter who wrote country-esque pop tunes like “Breathless”...but here we are.
  17. I hate that taking on political or "taboo" subjects and/or current events is suddenly a free pass for these pop artists to make shitty songs and be void of criticism for them. "Edgy" material doesn't equal good songwriting or a good song. This is like a terrible C-side from a lost Gaga album. As always, i say "to each their own", but as someone who generally doesn't care for much of Kesha's stuff at all, i'd choose listening to most of her material over this.
  18. Major ‘The Stolen’ vibes on this. Catchy shit, despite the not so great lyrics!
  19. Just a heads up - track #3 is actually "(Un)Lost" , not "(Un)Broken)"
  20. I'm not sure how anyone could come into/out of this disappointed unless you were ONLY a fan of their first album "Fix Me", which by all accounts was filled with incredibly boring & generic rock with no identity. I'm all about enjoying the rockier moments found throughout this band's discography (i'm looking at you, "Masterpiece Theatre"), but i've found that every release since then has no shortage of those elements as well. Is there way more of a pop influence? Absolutely. But i'd be baffled to hear someone argue that this is NOT the type of music that Ramsay was born to write/perform/produce. Edit/First Reactions : Although i'd probably rank this as my 4th favorite album of theirs, that's merely a sign of the quality i think of "Masterpiece Theatre", "Ever After", and "Astoria". - "Glimmer" is fantastic. Reminds me of a more refined version of "One Love" from the last album - Loving the arrangement of "The Death Of Me". I think this one will get better and better with every listen - "The Killing Kind" is the type of closer we've grown to expect from MT. I'd argue this may be the weirdest yet, with some veryyyy interesting modulations and melodies. It doesn't have the grace or smoothness that the album closers in the past have, but i think that was the point here with the album's themes. - "Echoes Of You" still possibly remains my favorite track on the album. Strange that it's the third track, as i could've seen them combining this more with "Eleonora" to make quite the epic opener, with "Only The Lonely Survive" following after. My biggest gripe is that this is only 10 tracks (with one being an intro essentially), especially when 3 were already released.
  21. Always excited to hear anything new & original from these guys, but that chorus realllllllyyyyyyyy disappointed me. Still, looking forward to more in the near future hopefully !
  22. Vastly disappointed in this one. Other than “Killer In the Mirror” / “For You Forever”, i found the whole thing very bland and generic. I honestly found the last album to be an easier listen, although “Crutch” was the only track i tend to revisit from that one. “Duality” still stands by a long shot as being their best, in my opinion.
  23. Really enjoying this ! Reminds me a bit of Quietdrive (who i miss a shitload)
  24. This album is shaping up to be absolutely incredible. Even my least favorite of the released songs (“All My Friends”) is still pretty solid.
  25. really digging this. Certainly not a "cheap" pop song, in my opinion. Well crafted pop rock, and quite catchy. But then again, i've of the group that never really minded most of these guys poppier moments. But i think this may be my favorite!
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