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  1. Always excited to hear anything new & original from these guys, but that chorus realllllllyyyyyyyy disappointed me. Still, looking forward to more in the near future hopefully !
  2. This album is shaping up to be absolutely incredible. Even my least favorite of the released songs (“All My Friends”) is still pretty solid.
  3. really digging this. Certainly not a "cheap" pop song, in my opinion. Well crafted pop rock, and quite catchy. But then again, i've of the group that never really minded most of these guys poppier moments. But i think this may be my favorite!
  4. very solid stuff here !! Looking forward to hearing more from this upcoming album
  5. He ain’t kidding ! Start with Masterpiece Theater and go through to Astoria. You won’t regret it!
  6. Agree to disagree, but using the excuse that they're a mainstream pop band as to why they can't have lush and/or thoughtful instrumentation in their songs just doesn't hold enough weight; The Beatles did it just fine back in the 60's. Plenty of bands do it today. (And you can't simply call them a mainstream POP band, because they're currently sitting at #1 on the ROCK charts, whether i like it or not lol) Imagine Dragons could do more interesting things in their music IF they had the talent to do, which i've yet to see. But that's why i keep listening and giving everything they release a chance - because i DO think there is some sort of potential there. For example, i think "Walking The Wire" had a pretty strong hook. I'll always give anything a fair chance, even if i've liked very little of what they've released in the past. I just haven't heard enough good to warrant them being one of the top pop "rock" acts in the world today. Again, just my opinion.
  7. Pretty much with you on this (Thunder is fucking awful). What’s more upsetting to me is that this sound is what a lot of the general public/radio considers to be our current mainstream ROCK 🤢🤮
  8. an interesting choice of an EP haha I’m thrilled that they’re releasing anything at all, but these slightly different arrangements don’t really warrant new recordings. I would’ve much rather seen them do an all out acoustic EP or something! But hopefully this means new stuff is on the way in the future?
  9. Thank you so much for this! Matt = My favorite artist (i've seen him 12 times in concert!) I'm sad there's only 5 tracks left to be heard since he's released 5 already, but i'm hoping there's some more gems there
  10. Love the Gravity EP / Acoustic Sessions, as well as Infinity ! I think "In Our Bones" was incredibly solid as well, with the title track and "Roses" landing among my favorites. This is definitely my least favorite they've released, but that's not to say there isn't anything good here : I really like "The Fuss" and "I Like The Way", along with the previously released "Voices", "Personal", and "Strangers Again" I do, however, think "P.A.T.T" may be the worst song they've ever written. The album closer ("Sweet Surrender") has an incredibly generic feel to it as well.
  11. Thank you so much !! Can’t wait to listen to this
  12. This probably won't crack my top 5 pop punk albums of the year, but that's merely just because of the quality of stuff we've gotten. With that said, i'm definitely enjoying this ! "Let It Go", "Out Of It" (also a bigger fan of this new mix), and "Growing On You" are highlights for me.
  13. Been waiting on this for a while, THANK YOU !! Can't wait to give this a listen. The singles have been amazing (except for "Bad Girls Don't Cry", which i wasn't a huge fan of) Edit - First listen impressions : Love it. Does not disappoint. The singles are certainly a huge part of the strength of this album, but "Photograph" and "Die A Little" are amazing, and i think the gem out of the new ones is "Summerland".
  14. Clicked this because the creepy sisters on the front forced me to with their mind powers. Left because the song was just as creepy. Now afraid for my life/soul.
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