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  1. Just a heads up - track #3 is actually "(Un)Lost" , not "(Un)Broken)"
  2. I'm not sure how anyone could come into/out of this disappointed unless you were ONLY a fan of their first album "Fix Me", which by all accounts was filled with incredibly boring & generic rock with no identity. I'm all about enjoying the rockier moments found throughout this band's discography (i'm looking at you, "Masterpiece Theatre"), but i've found that every release since then has no shortage of those elements as well. Is there way more of a pop influence? Absolutely. But i'd be baffled to hear someone argue that this is NOT the type of music that Ramsay was born to write/perform/produce. Edit/First Reactions : Although i'd probably rank this as my 4th favorite album of theirs, that's merely a sign of the quality i think of "Masterpiece Theatre", "Ever After", and "Astoria". - "Glimmer" is fantastic. Reminds me of a more refined version of "One Love" from the last album - Loving the arrangement of "The Death Of Me". I think this one will get better and better with every listen - "The Killing Kind" is the type of closer we've grown to expect from MT. I'd argue this may be the weirdest yet, with some veryyyy interesting modulations and melodies. It doesn't have the grace or smoothness that the album closers in the past have, but i think that was the point here with the album's themes. - "Echoes Of You" still possibly remains my favorite track on the album. Strange that it's the third track, as i could've seen them combining this more with "Eleonora" to make quite the epic opener, with "Only The Lonely Survive" following after. My biggest gripe is that this is only 10 tracks (with one being an intro essentially), especially when 3 were already released.
  3. Always excited to hear anything new & original from these guys, but that chorus realllllllyyyyyyyy disappointed me. Still, looking forward to more in the near future hopefully !
  4. Vastly disappointed in this one. Other than “Killer In the Mirror” / “For You Forever”, i found the whole thing very bland and generic. I honestly found the last album to be an easier listen, although “Crutch” was the only track i tend to revisit from that one. “Duality” still stands by a long shot as being their best, in my opinion.
  5. Really enjoying this ! Reminds me a bit of Quietdrive (who i miss a shitload)
  6. This album is shaping up to be absolutely incredible. Even my least favorite of the released songs (“All My Friends”) is still pretty solid.
  7. really digging this. Certainly not a "cheap" pop song, in my opinion. Well crafted pop rock, and quite catchy. But then again, i've of the group that never really minded most of these guys poppier moments. But i think this may be my favorite!
  8. very solid stuff here !! Looking forward to hearing more from this upcoming album
  9. He ain’t kidding ! Start with Masterpiece Theater and go through to Astoria. You won’t regret it!
  10. Can’t wait to listen to this! Their last three releases were out of this world and stand alone as my favorite trilogy in music
  11. Feel how one would like to about "mmmbop" and some of their earliest stuff, but these guys have consistently put out solid material for years upon years and have maintained a very strong fanbase. Their live recordings are excellent as well, and these more stripped arrangements are very solid. "Yearbook" was one of my favorites growing up, so i'm glad to see it made the cut. I would've loved just a couple more tracks included from the earlier era like "Underneath", as well as "Go" off of the album "The Walk" (penned by well respected songwriter William James McAuley III aka Bleu)
  12. Agree to disagree, but using the excuse that they're a mainstream pop band as to why they can't have lush and/or thoughtful instrumentation in their songs just doesn't hold enough weight; The Beatles did it just fine back in the 60's. Plenty of bands do it today. (And you can't simply call them a mainstream POP band, because they're currently sitting at #1 on the ROCK charts, whether i like it or not lol) Imagine Dragons could do more interesting things in their music IF they had the talent to do, which i've yet to see. But that's why i keep listening and giving everything they release a chance - because i DO think there is some sort of potential there. For example, i think "Walking The Wire" had a pretty strong hook. I'll always give anything a fair chance, even if i've liked very little of what they've released in the past. I just haven't heard enough good to warrant them being one of the top pop "rock" acts in the world today. Again, just my opinion.
  13. Thanks for posting !! Really digging this, and as a 90's kid, i can't help but feel all sorts of shit from the lyrical references haha
  14. You clearly don't understand what it means to be objective. I've got news for you - despite not being anywhere near what i'd call a "fan" of this band, i give each and every single/album they release an unbiased listen to. Just because the outcome opinion is the same for the most part, doesn't mean I'M not being objective. You say you haven't got any affection for the band, yet immediately came to their rescue when someone said they're horrible. You're free to like what you like, but don't pull the whole "i don't even REALLY like these guys, but everyone that hates them are just bandwagon followers" bullshit when you downvoted each and every person that said something that opposed your clear fandom for these guys 🤣 And your smug attitude towards me offering up reasons for my dislike of this band is laughable, but hey, i'll humor you. Here's just a few : - An massive barrage of sounds doesn't automatically = a good arrangement. In lieu of thoughtful and lush instrumentation, their songs always simply sound noisy. - Songs that rely on "whoa-oh" choruses absolutely drive me crazy. Imagine Dragons have basically built a career off of it. - Lyrical cliches/garbage around every corner. Nothing feels personal, EVERYTHING is ambiguous. - REPETITION. REPETITION. REPETITION. - I'd love to get through 2 singles without getting the oh so lovable "stomp stomp clap" beat - I prefer good singing over what sounds like being yelled at slightly on pitch. Oh, and - - "Thunder" is an atrocious excuse for a song. The fact that it was one of the top songs in 2017 should speak worlds about the state of the mainstream music industry.
  15. You went on a downvote spree simply because people don't agree with your affection towards this band. I'd be happy to list (in great detail) many reasons why i/others dislike this band, without ever coming close to "mindless hate". Mindless implies a lot, and there's none of that coming from my end, i assure you. Yes, i agree there are far worse bands out there, but it doesn't take away from my disdain for this group's sound and material.
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