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  1. Dessa - Chime (2018)

    YES! My Dess!!!!
  2. 2018 Best January Release

    Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic EP
  3. I remember them prior to them releasing their covers and knowing them now... they are genius at getting their brand out. They saw the demand for "Pop Goes Punk/Screamo" covers on YouTube and they capitalized on it. I hate to say it but if it weren't for their YouTube Sucess they would have drifted off into Aiden territory. Love their original and covers. They are immensely talented.
  4. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic [Single] (2018)

    They were all incredible. I'm really in disbelief by how he worked everything together and made it as emotional as he did. I think those were the most honest songs I've ever heard. There is not much to interpret. That was raw emotion. I lost it within the first 20 second into "Place To Start". So proud of him and happy he is putting these emotions into art.
  5. The Dangerous Summer - The Dangerous Summer (2018)

    It's so crazy that this probably would have never happened if it weren't for Dale Earnhardt Jr hah. Of all the people. Super stoked to check it out!
  6. Album of the god damn generation.
  7. Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter (2017)

  8. Alex Lahey - I Love You Like a Brother (2017)

    Oh man an album about being friendzoned!
  9. Macklemore - GEMINI (2017)

    Love Macks, but where is Ryan? I assume he is still involved?
  10. Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water (Single) (2017)

    Hmm. I thought Steve Aiello from "Monty Are I" was the guitarist for this band? I mean that guy has more songwriting and outright musical talent than Jared and he gets shafted to touring band? Don't get me wrong Jared is a real talent, but Steve is an absolute songwriting and guitar playing force. Man, I miss "Monty Are I".
  11. You Are (Not) Your Faulty Pieces.

  12. A Day To Remember - Paranoia (Single) (2016)

    Sounds like a terrible attempt at a Story Of The Year cover.