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  1. This is awesome! How are people salty about this? Bet it will be in Bill & Ted 3. I will never complain about bands putting out singles that actually contain guitar *COUGH* Fall Out Boy *COUGH* Oh man this is such a fun song and the guitar is great!
  2. Buddy's wokeness is really bumming out my Senses Fail listening experience.
  3. Oh my god this is a dumpster fire. Did they just slow down Mark in the chorus? I can’t imagine anyone other than a producer/engineer in a room doing some mixing.
  4. HOLY FUCK! This was INSANE! MY boys are back!!!
  5. This was REALLY well done. It reminds me when Ace Enders and a slew of vocalists from the scene covered “Bittersweet Symphony” and it was a masterpiece. I love these kinds of covers.
  6. Ohhhhhhhh YES! NJ in this bitch! This is so goooood!
  7. “Remember The Name” but……. But that’s a really good Mike Shinoda song. One that’s actually really popular. Hopefully more people stumble on it now?
  8. This should be…. Interesting. Kind of lost interest in MC Lars in my later years. I loved him in my teens I had a vinyl sticker made of his name and put it on the corner of a window on my first car (along with dozens more bands) but his appeal kind of lessened as I grew up and found more hip hop/rap artists. He is hit or hard miss with me but I’ll always check him out for nostalgia. /whothefuckcaresrant
  9. It’s such an interesting approach but it’s mixed so horribly. I went into it wanting to hate it but this genre is a guilty pleasure and it reminds me of Sky Eats Airplane so double nostalgia.
  10. It really isn’t bad, it’s missing something but it’s good. People are being really overly mean. They are late to the party though.
  11. I thought he said he was going to stop scoring super hero films? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.
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