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  1. You people are really THIS butthurt over THAT? Figure it out.
  2. To be fair people on ChorusFM are a bunch of KeyboardJustice Warrior pansies. If you disagree with Jason Tate then the entire site comes after you. It's the weirdest group think mob in a music scene. I would never expect them to like anything Em puts out... He says naughty words.
  3. Oh my god. I got so amped to see this pop up but then I read that article and found out the original vocalist died and got really sad. It’s good to see bands continues in this way like WCAR
  4. Carry the Weight was phenomenal. Probably their heaviest song. From The First Note …. Speechless. When that chorus of “I can’t replace you” I broke down. This song is powerful and will have you in tears. I’m so glad they are still going because this proved they can still make powerhouse songs. Damn…
  5. This is awesome! How are people salty about this? Bet it will be in Bill & Ted 3. I will never complain about bands putting out singles that actually contain guitar *COUGH* Fall Out Boy *COUGH* Oh man this is such a fun song and the guitar is great!
  6. Buddy's wokeness is really bumming out my Senses Fail listening experience.
  7. Oh my god this is a dumpster fire. Did they just slow down Mark in the chorus? I can’t imagine anyone other than a producer/engineer in a room doing some mixing.
  8. HOLY FUCK! This was INSANE! MY boys are back!!!
  9. This was REALLY well done. It reminds me when Ace Enders and a slew of vocalists from the scene covered “Bittersweet Symphony” and it was a masterpiece. I love these kinds of covers.
  10. “Remember The Name” but……. But that’s a really good Mike Shinoda song. One that’s actually really popular. Hopefully more people stumble on it now?
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