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  1. AOTY and I haven't even listened yet. HYPE / REAL
  2. I know people love to hate these dudes, but I love chilling out listening to them when I kind of wore myself out on breakdowns. They aren’t as horrible as they are made to be… at least in my worthless opinion.
  3. Is it bad that I’m only downloading this to hear the Impractical Jokers tracks? Love that show so hard.
  4. It’s a bummer that he and Chester never recorded anything together given how close they were. Still hard to come to terms with them both being gone.
  5. *Music Reviewers and Fans* “Rock isn’t popular and pretty much dead” Hey look a new up an coming rock band that actually has some solid popularity! *Rock and Metal collective* “FUCK THESE GUYS! FUCKING RIPOFFS! How dare they model their sound after the bands that inspired them! It’s not like every Post-Hardcore and MetalCore band sounded the same in 2006 onward or anything. Fuckin’ hacks.” I’ve only listened to a few clips of these guys and they sounded great. Good for them and good for them getting on tour with Guns N’ Roses… not something to undermine. Hope the album is good and wish them well.
  7. Track 2 an Eminem diss? Not going to listen, but curious to hear from people who take the time to.
  8. Thats what yo momma said! ooooOOOOHHHH ROASTED! *kidding I’m sure your momma is a wonderful woman*
  9. Ohhhhhh fuck here we go. I needed this. Hoping for the best.
  10. Oh how dare you! You white privileged cisgendered male! Look at you stating facts in a non-combative manner you should be ashamed! I completely agree with you. Excited to check this out and I'm happy that these guys covered the song given the situation. RIP Kyle.
  11. I know people adore to hate these guys but man they make some incredibly catchy music. I really dig it when I need to turn my mind off for a while. It’s a great song.
  12. Has to be one of there worst “Diss tracks” I’ve ever heard. As someone mentioned above I find it hilarious that Em called what would happen if someone did this in regards to views and media attention. I’m sure Em is going to respond and I hope that MGK enjoys the Ja Rule life. Love it or hate it Em did something special with Kamikaze he breathed life into and made rap really interesting again. Yes, there have been some very special artists in Rap right now I’m not going to go through a list but everyone knows the main guys… Kendrick, Gambino, Joyner Lucas Logic, Hopsin… these guys are making waves in various ways. Other than the respected artists Rap has been stagnant, stale and at times unbearable. Em drops an album (His best in YEARS) calling out a Genre of Rap that most hate but not many rip apart. He does it and man is Rap exciting right now. Love Em or hate um it’s a fun ride right now.
  13. Oh this just my my shit month so much better. I have LOVED everything these guys put out. Coming off such a bad few days for me and to still get this feeling over an album…. Man I love the power of music.
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