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  1. Love what he has been doing. Dax will surprise you every now and then. Great artist.
  2. Doninger

    BTS - BE (2020)

    Summers: You downvoted me because I downvoted your comments on Tom MacDonald so you STALKED my page found a comment of mine and downvoted it. Jesus christ....
  3. Doninger

    BTS - BE (2020)

    This is my favorite song from them. I respect if it's not your thing... Just throwing it your way to hopefully show you that though they may not be your cup of tea they are still a talented group. Some of the things they can do with their vocals is damn impressive. Hope you like it, if you don't that's okay I get it. Stay well friend!
  4. Doninger

    BTS - BE (2020)

    Have any of you people who are just downvoting anyone commenting something good about the group ever listened to them? Just because they are trendy doesn't mean they aren't massively talented. chill out.
  5. Doninger

    BTS - BE (2020)

    Leetttttts go!
  6. It’s not what you are all making it out to be. Jesus, you hate this guy based on his look and a bait title. Listen to the lyrics… I know just how hard that is nowadays for people… Those damn lyrics in songs. Tom knows his shit.
  7. We can all agree the reason the album got pushed was becasue a world wide pandemic hit us and they can’t release an album and not tour it. Touring is where they make their actual money. They had to push it back it just sucks that they are going to release an album and STILL not be able to tour it, who knew any of this was going to happen or take so long. I feel for them. If they want to say the artwork was the reason instead of the Pandemic, alright I don’t mind…. But I understand. Good song though… Well the heavier parts were good. I feel like they could have ended it with a MASSIVE breakdown because they were building up for one and then the song just ENDED. Hopefully the next song on the album continues what this song built up and I get my breakdown.
  8. Oh my god i know this song! How the fuck did I not realize this was a cover from the cover art alone. I haven't listened to that album in a hot minute but I should have known better. I'm embarrassed now.
  9. Is it really???? I had no idea. I have to go listen to the original. Thanks for the info!
  10. "Goth/Dark/Edgy/Emo" (Whatever these crazy kids are calling themselves these days) highschool girls just fainted nationwide in America
  11. Okay, this is a fun ass song. I love it. Great chorus and bridge. Vocals are great, the heavy parts are in your face. A nice distraction from the year 2020 for like 3 minutes. Can't hate on it.
  12. This isn’t as bad as the comment section made it out to be.
  13. I'm here after watching the Jared Dines video about some of the best breakdowns. Holy hell Eclipse... Why you gotta do that to me? Made me feel some type of way DAMN
  14. Oh my god! It’s been YEARS since i heard anything new from them!!!!! YES! This made my Fall and Winter! Hope this means new album
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