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  1. His real name is Robert and Bobby is short for Robert. Good album though and I love that he has a message
  2. It's a good album people. Jesus, just enjoy the music. Also when did hating on Will Smith become cool? Will is the man.
  3. I LOVE this but I’m bias. It would have felt good to of heard Chester on this instead of mike, but I’ll take what I can get since Mike is a hero of mine. I really miss Chester.
  4. This was homicide bruh they went in. I NEVER thought I’d hear Chris D’Elia close out an Em track hahahaha. Gotta love Em’s humor.
  5. How does he throw out a 20+ song release like every 4-6 months? Dude needs some sleep, also with how fast he can rap I can imagine he is starting to become repetitive. I’m saying all of this before listening however. Im a douche.
  6. Are they supposed to be some kind of tampon in that album art?
  7. This is great! It’s super different and yet still catchy and listenable.
  8. Holllllllllly shit. Just listened to the embedded song, these dudes are great!
  9. Took a swing and damn it was worth it. Great band, great vocals - instrumentation - take on the current scene.
  10. AOTY and I haven't even listened yet. HYPE / REAL
  11. I know people love to hate these dudes, but I love chilling out listening to them when I kind of wore myself out on breakdowns. They aren’t as horrible as they are made to be… at least in my worthless opinion.
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