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  1. Why did Doug leave? He was a great frontman, I hope he doesn’t stop music altogether. I hope to see him pop up somewhere SOON.
  2. I respect Gorillaz there are some very talent artists behind the curtain in this project. However the only songs I ever like are their singles. I really try to get into the albums but I just can’t. What are the standout tracks on this release?
  3. This is gorgeous and haunting. Really highlights the kind of art that comes from pain.
  4. PassTheLeaks. It's faster and no popups. Seriously 2 clicks and you get the album, it's awesome.
  5. Man this song goes hard. He has knocked it out of the park so far. The events that led to this album are terrible but man did he put those emotions to work. So proud of him.
  6. He looks like he just farted and is reveling in his own puth.
  7. Jesus Christ and I thought it was all just a publicity stunt.
  8. Fuck.My. ASS. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A THING!? Granted I LOVE them but I haven't loved them as much as I did within Rythm Chord came out. Still love them
  9. Oh my god about time! It’s been a minute since I’ve heard new things. They changed their name though to “Kind” They dropped “Reign Of” Dunno why though.
  10. This is some incredibly awesome advice! Advice of which would probably cost a lot more had you needed ask someone (another professional) to do it and you just got it for free. That is baller. OP you are a damn good person!
  11. This is incredible. Hahah. Love it.
  12. I’m really liking all the new stuff. People get super mad if a band doesn't sound a certain way.