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  1. This is so good. Thank the old and new gods for Dale Earnhardt Jr I swear man.
  2. I got so fucking excited for a second thinking this said "Burden Of A Day” : (
  3. Also this release is entirely independent. Since Quarantine he has been streaming on Twitch/YouTube every day so this is a nice little release for everyone who was apart of it. also it was so interesting to watch him put full songs together.
  4. The Pit I fell in the pit You fell in the pit We all fell in the pit
  5. These guys are the guiltiest of guilty pleasures for me. A pleasure none the less. Every time their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody comes on while I’m walking the dog I have to either pause the song or lower it so people can’t hear. It’s a bit embarrassing but fuck if it isn’t just awesome.
  6. A Tech release without any features?
  7. I spit my drink out when he started repeating “Mind-Mind-Mindreader-Mind-Mind-Mindereader" So dumb I couldn’t stop laughing. Decent song. Not even close to their most mediocre songs. But I didn’t outright hate it.
  8. Rip Chester Such a huge talent gone. Dude was my hero still hard to accept.
  9. I needed some Claudio to help ease in the apocalypse!
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