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  1. Wiat i thought they sid they were done after Adam passed? I’m very interested.
  2. This dude knows his troll game. He may be a piece of shit but fuck if i adon’t admire his ability to to not give a fuck what other people think of him.
  3. Fuck yes. Their last album is one of their best. I love these Alternative tracks too. It might actually start becoming my favorite Silverstein record. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it… well over 100. God this is so good.
  4. Love it Claudio, Oh... Dear Claudio, I wish, god damn it! We'll make it if you believe.
  5. Really like the Pre-Chorus…. everything else…. Um. Dude just keeps saying the same lines the entire song. Bummer.
  6. ugh… i don’t know if the name is cool or just cringe edge?
  7. Put your ego aside for a a few minutes and give this a listen. It fucking SHREDS.
  8. I feel like I’ve heard this song 40 times before just in slightly different ways, especially the chorus.
  9. This is great. Still can’t believe how big they got. Good on them
  10. Whoa this is good. Never heard of this guy, checked it out becasue Kesha is hit or miss but when she hits she hits so decided to give it a go… so good. Very personal.
  11. This is so good. Thank the old and new gods for Dale Earnhardt Jr I swear man.
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