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  1. wow thanks, i was looking fot this some time ago
  2. Lesser Gods is one of their best track to date Loneliness is a very good one too
  3. No one could find the instrumental version of Lost in the sound of separation ?
  4. Wow completely blown away Needs more than one listening glad that after many LP they can deliver something unexpected
  5. Mmm really interesting their new direction, fortunately this album is not Sleepwave 2 i need more listen but first impressions are positive
  6. here you can listen it
  7. new song clip on Instagram, i used soundcloud, and it is called "On my teeth"
  8. you can listen Sleepwave, the other Spencer's band wow, never been so hyped for a LP
  9. best u2 album since Achtung Baby there aren't a Beautiful day or a Vertigo tracks but is very solid best track is The Little Things That Give You Away
  10. U2 : songs of experience , maybe new mewithoutYou or Underoath music 2016 was a great year
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