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  1. This is all I’ve wanted from a new All Time Low album since Don’t Panic. The time signature changes on “Trouble Is” were quite unexpected!
  2. Fucking love these guys. Cover is a lot like the original in tone but still sounds just like Time, The Valuator. Can't wait for new original material, Vibrant was amazing and their new vocalist is killer.
  3. The thriller cover is pretty rad but I honestly expected more from it. Was really hoping for nasty killer, thriLLER, TONIGHT breakdown
  4. Really surprised to see so much love for Grave, I almost had to skip it. Pretty standard soft Wage War with a few memorable moments. Ghost is great like everyone has been saying (Though the guitar tone in the solo leaves something to be desired, but that was also probably a stylistic choice by them). As a whole it's not as bad as I was expecting and I might not skip tracks off it in shuffle play but I certainly won't be listening to it cover to cover at the gym like I normally do with album drops.
  5. "The fans keep saying that they're hungry for new music Well that's pretty convenient 'cause I just made a plate for 'em!“ More like he made a whole 3 course meal, this tracklist is stacked! Whole album is incredible, standout tracks include "Returns" and "Leave Me Alone", absolute bangers, and "I Miss The Days" which is heart-wrenching. Front 2/3ish is better than the back few tracks imo but as a whole it's still excellent. I primarily listen to heavy music but NF has always struck a sweet spot for me and he's done it once again.
  6. Holy shit just finished the album, what an experience. Reptile is an absolute monster of a track, such an atmospheric build up into some nasty Periphery riffs, sooo many chills. CHVRCH BVRNER is heavy as fuck (obviously) and Follow Your Ghost is so groovy. Some really interesting moments as well as a beautiful melodic track, It's Only Smiles. As someone who's really only liked a few Periphery songs here and there, this album is great cover to cover.
  7. What makes this even better is that the guest feature on the track is a previous band mate.
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