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  1. Was initially sad to hear of Alex's departure from the band, but then I heard this song. It's so fucking good. I will definitely miss Alex's vocals, but Tom is an amazing addition to the band and I can't wait to hear the rest of this album when it drops. No anticipated release date announced yet, but I did see on their Facebook page, the album will be called "Eternal Nightmare".
  2. Their instagram as well as Aric Improta's (drummer) instagram confirmed this is just a 3-song preview of what's to come.
  3. My top 10 of 2017: 1. Hundredth - RARE 2. Citizen - As You Please 3. Glassjaw - Material Control 4. Circa Survive - The Amulet 5. CHON - Homey 6. Vasudeva - No Clearance 7. Emmure - Look At Yourself 8. The Acacia Strain - Gravebloom 9. Counterparts- You're Not You Anymore 10. Bonobo - Migration Had a tough time narrowing it down to just 10. Some runners up include: Logic - Everybody Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. Brand New - Science Fiction Turnover - Good Nature Can't Swim - Fail You Again The Drowned God - Moonbearer END - From the Unforgiving Arms of God - EP Goldfinger - The Knife Hearts Like Lions - If I Never Speak Again Minus the Bear - VOIDS Slowdive - Slowdive Sorority Noise - You're Not as ____ as You Think Veil of Maya - False Idol Volumes - Different Animals.
  4. Got it fixed. Now I can experience this amazingness while I work today!
  5. None of the links contain the full album. I only end up with: 1. new white extremity 3. citizen 6. bastille day 9. closer 11. material control 12. cut and run
  6. This is fantastic. Beautifully written.
  7. The 2003 compilation. That was my go-to that year. Especially with Thrice, Audio Karate, and Poison the Well.
  8. Fantastic. Their best album to date. Might be my AOTY right here. The whole album is solid, especially "Departures". Highly recommend if you enjoy Balance & Composure, Title Fight, and/or the Deftones.
  9. Well, this album wasn't the complete disappointment I thought it would be (based on the singles released). Love all the songs that WEREN'T singles. The songs they previously released have also grown on me too, maybe because they are the final mixes? Overall, 8/10 in my book. I like Myke Terry with Volumes better than Myke Terry with Bury Your Dead. Bury Your Dead is and always will be Mat Bruso's band.
  10. Yeah, it's John Feldman (obviously), Mike Herrera of MXPX, Phil Sneed of Story of the Year, and Travis Barker. It's in the Goldfinger bio on Facebook. I'm looking forward to hearing the full album based on how good this single is.
  11. This is a recent name change, saw them open for From Indian Lakes back in September in Whitehall, PA under the name "DAWNS" only the "A" was an upside down "V". Awesome live band.
  12. My vote would've went to From Indian Lakes - Everything Feels Better Now but voted for my runner up, Architects.
  13. I know this one's an older post but the link's not working. Anyone have a 320 version?