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  1. WTF did they come from?????? never heard of them, this album is a fucking banger
  2. i hate ska, and i absolute love these guys. this cover is awesome
  3. compared to their previous album, this is absolute pure garbage
  4. i'm speechless. this is slim shady as his best.
  5. holy shit, i'm crying and cumming at the same time
  6. is there any official version of no church in the wild cover? because it was fucking amazing. such an underrated band, and an amazing voice, i hope this album rocks
  7. salmo, ensi, nitro and others disagree with that... even if nitro did too many trap features... i was talking about rap... the good old machete days are gone, also because machete is the first to push trap to the limit...
  8. ormai sembra che in italia si possa fare solo trap...
  9. i need deuce new album so bad
  10. boia faus, willie su kingdom leaks!!!
  11. in the last few weeks i visited this page more than my facebook profile...
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