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  1. yeah bro blood honey is one of my faves sounds like a eat me drink me outtake
  2. loving this album still Love me some say10
  3. if he aint trolling he probably thinks Manson is new lol
  4. I see that lol there isn't something you can buy to boost it ?
  5. holy fuck bro lol do you live in a cave ? ahaha
  6. dude me to ! I was pumped on valentines day for nothing lol I had found a youtube concert someone recently recorded and he played it but they recorded from the upper deck couldn't hear well so I was holding to hope ahaha
  7. I wouldn't even call this death core to each is own I guess I think its excellent
  8. Yes it is lol I thought it was a different song tho lol
  9. Yeah I definitely hear behemoth especially on son of misery and skin of the serpent
  10. Right totally changed it up ppl are expecting hate 3.0 lol
  11. yea it was the one I needed this month I love these guys
  12. I hear more death metal in the new stuff I like this one better then slaves