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Everything posted by randy21205

  1. how did she push herself to do something new ? 1 it sounds like all her other stuff 2 she problie didn’t write it lol
  2. I really like this album compared to the last one there on like a really good album every other album cycle lol
  3. Jasta did an amazing job with so far from what we’ve heard
  4. I liked temper temper way more then this so disappointing
  5. I never understood it either lol its not like it sounds like it was taped on an answering machine lol now as for the cd im halfway through it and I love it
  6. hahahaha atleast you did your homework and didnt just talk shit lmao I respect that hahahaha
  7. yeah I thought the back end was just gonna be okay but mannnnn im thinking shadowboxing and hope you rot are my faves
  8. well now that I made it through my work shift and got to listen I must say its amazing I love this album love the direction love that its something different and not following some sort of formula it was definitely worth the wait for me it bangs
  9. I use beats studios i have zero complaints
  10. yeahhhhhh people are bitching the black metal aspect is gone and thats okay this is album is huge and dimmu still has that simple way of making a song go from light to very dark in the blink of an eye there older stuff is very very good too
  11. im totally gonna start this album over when it ends!
  12. This is gonna leak while I’m working and I’m gonna have to come home lol don’t tempt me I’ll totally do it
  13. I really wanna hear letting go which I heard is the next single In 2 weeks axewound was killer and I agree about moose
  14. this is so good if your not familiar with this band check out there album the darkest red its so good
  15. I had alot of albums blow me away this year 10-Cavalera Conspiracy-Physcosis 9-Converge -The Dusk in us 8-Trivium-The sin and the sentence 7-Marilyn Manson-Heaven upside down 6-Spite - Nothing is Beautiful 5-Code Orange- Forever 4-Eminem - Revival 3-acacia Strain-gravebloom 2-cannibal corpse-red before black 1-Thy art is murder - Dear desolation
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