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  1. pass the leaks no doubt I couldn't tell u the last time I used zippy
  2. I haven't listened to the rest of the album but I absolutely love hurt
  3. and bought it on vinyl today I haven't turned It off since Monday lol
  4. bro your gonna get home fast tonite hahaha dont get pulled over lol
  5. it SLAPS!! the singles didnt stand a chance to the rest of it
  6. birth of the cruel sounds like it’s gonna smack hard af !
  7. i hear a recycled riff or two other then that it’s my only complaint i’m on atonement
  8. how did she push herself to do something new ? 1 it sounds like all her other stuff 2 she problie didn’t write it lol
  9. I really like this album compared to the last one there on like a really good album every other album cycle lol
  10. Jasta did an amazing job with so far from what we’ve heard
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