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  1. this is so good if your not familiar with this band check out there album the darkest red its so good
  2. I had alot of albums blow me away this year 10-Cavalera Conspiracy-Physcosis 9-Converge -The Dusk in us 8-Trivium-The sin and the sentence 7-Marilyn Manson-Heaven upside down 6-Spite - Nothing is Beautiful 5-Code Orange- Forever 4-Eminem - Revival 3-acacia Strain-gravebloom 2-cannibal corpse-red before black 1-Thy art is murder - Dear desolation
  3. yeah bro blood honey is one of my faves sounds like a eat me drink me outtake
  4. loving this album still Love me some say10
  5. if he aint trolling he probably thinks Manson is new lol