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  1. Not as good as the first single but its ok
  2. Good mixing not like the last one
  3. If that album was produced by Taylor Larson would have been 100 better, most of the bands should work with him, and this song i think is ok not outstanding
  4. Yeah, its the same shit over and over, like what they think when they released it ha ?
  5. Last chorus was ok maybe if jackie would still be in the band would be better
  6. Track 07 when he says so confuse its like hes about to sing doomed by bmth lol
  7. Nah this is shit lol, this is the nail on their coffin rip
  8. The chorus is not best they made but screams are on point
  9. @moonlover why you care so much about personal stuff, you want him to be your boyfriend or some shit ?