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  1. good choice of singles to build the hype, not better than AOGHAU, still ok.
  2. I liked the dogs barking at least 😭👍
  3. This time dont leak it so soon for the sake of the band he
  4. Where are the doods who wrote sempiternal ? This so bad and that generic bend riff lmao
  5. dude fuck INK this is the true AOTY
  6. should be a crime to abuse so much of breakdowns lmao >.<
  7. the guy who mixed this shouldn't work again, what a pity
  8. @Dan mixer dood fault, seems he ruined the album, someone expose his name ha
  9. @The Top Hat dude who brings up jokes about the skin color ? you are racist af homie or you got autism idk
  10. racists fucks lol @dewey duck @The Top Hat
  11. lol the die song has to be cringiest song ever, what a joke, these grown men still write lyrics like fucking fags teens, get over it or already kill yourself lmao
  12. He sounds weird on this one lmao
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