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  1. the guy who mixed this shouldn't work again, what a pity
  2. @Dan mixer dood fault, seems he ruined the album, someone expose his name ha
  3. @The Top Hat dude who brings up jokes about the skin color ? you are racist af homie or you got autism idk
  4. racists fucks lol @dewey duck @The Top Hat
  5. lol the die song has to be cringiest song ever, what a joke, these grown men still write lyrics like fucking fags teens, get over it or already kill yourself lmao
  6. He sounds weird on this one lmao
  7. not really what i expected, singles are good but the rest ...
  8. vocals sound weird, at the chorus
  9. Wont waste my time, good first album thats all ...
  10. Spencer its not your fault forgive these cunts
  11. Not as good as the first single but its ok