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  1. This looks like Nerve Endings by Too Close to Touch so much
  2. Nothing too different about this, but it's still hard as nails and Darius sounds mean as ever. This is gonna be in the gym rotation for awhile.
  3. Not liking these super weird electronics, sounds like a house genre track or something lol
  4. South Dakota band, very rare to see but I've gotten the chance to see them 4 times.
  5. Been waiting for music from these guys for so long, so excited to hear this
  6. Wow, Tech really did well on this album. It's almost a good thing the fans didn't fuck with The Storm as much as he was anticipating because he really went all out on this album with the beats and subject matter and not giving a fuck to say certain things (namely on Comfortable), one of my favorite tech projects in several years.
  7. This is going to start a lot of shit within the scene I think. Anticipating this, I was hoping for the rap-metal vocal style as the first Callout but it's not present here.. i mean, it's Fronz rapping(?) over mostly a rap beat with some instruments, but it's nothing like the original Callout that I really liked, especially how fucking heavy it got at the end.
  8. Yeah, um, this album is fucking amazing.
  9. @SpicyPikachu I freaked out too. This shit is HEAVY regardless.
  10. Well damn, very interesting. I'll be checking this out!
  11. We are all sinners? Wtf? Is this Upon This Dawning?
  12. TheNeedleDrops favorite rapper. P.S. Thanks for this Also, his flow is insane on this. I dig this.
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