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  1. Most people prefer the OG vocalist, myself included. I feel like this is pre-editing though before they master it all to sound as beautiful as the 2014 releases vocals. Listen to the album before this for an example on higher quality product for his vocals
  2. You have me pumped dude. I been a sadboy since oreomilkshake
  3. glad they are continuing to do the 22 series. 26 now, wow
  4. honestly think its only because they did a slipknot cover recently
  5. hail the sun are one of my favourite bands of all time, so fucking good
  6. I wasnt sure about this album on first listen, but its literally been on replay ever since i first heard it. The little medley in the last song makes it seem like a possible final album though ://
  7. literally the greatest misheard lyrics of our time
  8. Yeah I found a google drive account that had them a while back and was able to download them luckily
  9. @@Tortagz took a chance on what you said and it's definitely a nice album
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