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  1. I had never heard of these dudes till just now. What a solid EP. Like A Ghost into Spun.
  2. thank you kingdom leaks. thank you idles. this album fuckin rules. the end.
  3. this is hands down my favorite single of the 3. the others have been growing on me slowly but i'm a fan of tunnel vision immediately.
  4. same here. these single teasers are fucking great but i need a full album from these guys asap.
  5. every time there is an air-shred in the new movie, that’s actually tosin playing. pretty fuckin cool.
  6. i'm just trying to FEEL SOMETHING over here and these singles aren't doing it for me.
  7. not sure how i feel about this one either. i love this band so much but am not feeling the two new songs really at all. hope the full album changes my mind.
  8. these dudes are great and i dig the 2 b-sides. kyle is an incredible drummer and the parts on these songs are nuts.
  9. these two singles have been awesome. will putney is on fire.
  10. this is sick, especially the ending.
  11. this record is fucking awesome. thank you!
  12. I love everything these guys do and Will Putney did a great job with producing this record.
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