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  1. For sure!!! I really waited all the year to hear this album and I'm not dissapointed at all. It's what I needed right now "Big Vibe" and Knuckle Puck's "20/20" are my contenders for Album of the Year
  2. This band really introduced me to Death Metal. They're soooooo incredible good! And Larissa's voice is on another level Thank you!
  3. Not gonna lie, I'm here for Ryo from Crystal Lake, haha. Never heard this band before, so I'm gonna give it a spin. Thanks!
  4. Movements and Knuckle Puck releases in the same day. What a great time to be alive (coronavirus asides). Thanks!
  5. Knuckle Puck NEVER disappoints. Thank you for upload it! My contender for Album Of The Year.
  6. Thanks! Can't wait to hear the whole album!
  7. Thanks! I really can't wait for this album to drop. KP never dissapoints me
  8. 1 - Blood Youth "Beyond Repair" 2 - All Time Low "Last Young Renegade" 3 - Incubus "8" 4 - Seaway "Vacation" 5 - In Hearts Wake "Ark" 6 - Neck Deep "The Peace And The Panic" 7 - Northlane "Mesmer" 8 - Knuckle Puck "Shapeshifter" 9 - Creeper "Eternity, In Your Arms" 10 - Movements "Feel Something"
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