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  1. Please dear god can these guys release a full length, Sunshine gave me chills. Definitely fills the Casey shaped void.
  2. Super cool sound! I'm excited to listen in full
  3. This is incredible, such a cool sound!
  4. Not expecting it to be as good as Drifter, but super excited to listen! Thanks KL!
  5. Song is bloody beautiful. Something about this band/project makes me so damn happy
  6. This is real good, excited to give the album a listen when it's released!
  7. This is basically exactly what I was expecting, if not a little better! I'm a happy little chappy! (Probably until I read/listen properly to the lyrics anyway)
  8. They released .NEVAREHT then vanished, but this album is a timeless classic for me, I love it so much
  9. The title of this topic made me think "Behemoth minus God equals Dog? What does that mean?" before I realised I'm just an idiot
  10. You are my hero, wanted to hear this before I went to sleep. Very cool song, I can't wait for their next album!
  11. Probably my least favourite Trophy Eyes chorus (if you can even call it that) and I find the lyrics underwhelming, but I think the rest is... alright. I think. Maybe? I dunno haha.
  12. This is the best Mayday Parade song I've heard in so long, holy moly this is amazing
  13. To further clarify, I just took the first few bands from their influences on Facebook! I'm not too familiar with Modest Mouse or Death Cab but they sound a little like Real Estate to me so figured that'd do haha.
  14. Super glad I stumbled across this, pretty damn good upon first listen.
  15. This has ended up keeping me hooked more than The Wonder Years the last few days - and The Wonder Years' album is damn good too. Wish there was more of this and less SFTP haha, this is phenomenal stuff!
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