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  1. Never really listened to this band but no denying this song is incredible. Super excited to hear more from the album!
  2. This is so good! Really looking forward to hearing the LP!
  3. Please dear god can these guys release a full length, Sunshine gave me chills. Definitely fills the Casey shaped void.
  4. Super cool sound! I'm excited to listen in full
  5. This is incredible, such a cool sound!
  6. Not expecting it to be as good as Drifter, but super excited to listen! Thanks KL!
  7. Song is bloody beautiful. Something about this band/project makes me so damn happy
  8. This is real good, excited to give the album a listen when it's released!
  9. This is basically exactly what I was expecting, if not a little better! I'm a happy little chappy! (Probably until I read/listen properly to the lyrics anyway)
  10. They released .NEVAREHT then vanished, but this album is a timeless classic for me, I love it so much
  11. The title of this topic made me think "Behemoth minus God equals Dog? What does that mean?" before I realised I'm just an idiot
  12. You are my hero, wanted to hear this before I went to sleep. Very cool song, I can't wait for their next album!
  13. Probably my least favourite Trophy Eyes chorus (if you can even call it that) and I find the lyrics underwhelming, but I think the rest is... alright. I think. Maybe? I dunno haha.
  14. This is the best Mayday Parade song I've heard in so long, holy moly this is amazing
  15. To further clarify, I just took the first few bands from their influences on Facebook! I'm not too familiar with Modest Mouse or Death Cab but they sound a little like Real Estate to me so figured that'd do haha.
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