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  1. Thanks for the leak, this might beat Xenocide for my AOTY !
  2. Pathology - Pathology (2017)

    I love how different Analepsy's production on both AFB and The Kraanialepsy Split was. The production of AFB would not have been that good in the split but they made it perfect to stick with a sound similar to Kraanium.
  3. Pathology - Pathology (2017)

    Fuck yeah, waited a long time for that one !
  4. Thy Art Is Murder - The Son Of Misery (Single) (2017)

    Can't wait to see them at the end of september
  5. The Acacia Strain - Gravebloom (2017)

    Alright, I always found TAS to be boring but holy shit this album is good
  6. Track 11 is soooo good
  7. Shadow of Intent - Reclaimer (2017)

    Death / Black metal
  8. The Acacia Strain - Bitter Pill [Single] (2017)

    TAS is definitely deathcore tho
  9. Benighted - Necrobreed (2017)

    This is so fucking good
  10. Creating The Godform - Odium EP
  11. Well I bought the physical edition but they said it could take up to two weeks to ship
  12. Will this be available in 320kbps?