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  1. not really into this genre but checked it out anyway. overall wasn't into it decent: lord of flies
  2. the fact that mariah carey is on KL makes me lol and smh at the same time
  3. i like gorillaz but i couldn't get into this. a bit too circus-y and quirky. didn't find the songs to be catchy nor quality
  4. this is so. bad... listened. deleted everything except "woman"
  5. their singles used to be stronger. this album is full of decent songs, but nothing here is strong. best song is "not the way it was" with a more melodic chorus. only songs i'm deleting are "the what have we done?" and "daggers," which is surprising since i usually only keep about 3-5 songs. pretty much every song is enjoyable but could've been better with a better chorus
  6. waited until 320 was out, and wow these comments dont lie. every song has generic lyrics that belong in boy band rock radio. empty, meaningless cliches just as filler. complete waste of time. zero effort. the old me and live another day were decent, rest is absolute shameful. memphis may meet my garbage
  7. Decent: detach, heart support, absence, hands of complacency
  8. is there an album upcoming? they released 'this was once a home' last year and still no album announcement also, this isn't good
  9. love me some polyenso feels. barracuda (as oceana) and always ending in you are their best
  10. why the fuck is emarosa trying to be a pop band? last album sucked but cmon lol
  11. i find it hard to imagine this is any good being that their sound was such an early 2000s sound and modern nu-metal is cringy for the most part. i guess i'll give it a try when it's 320
  12. holding off until 320, but i have zero expectations - especially after reading this ridiculous thread. funny how the hollow is referenced as their peak when i only like the sinner from it. MMF was never that good to me, but i'll give this a spin or two regardless
  13. just checking them out now. album is ok, but not impressed really decent: the reach for me ok: the sun the moon the truth, doomed by you married to the noise and cave canem were borderline but decided against keeping them. not enough clean vocals for my taste here
  14. not really into proggy stuff but the chorus is good. decent jam
  15. saw them this summer touring this album, which was strange since it's just released now. shorter album than i expected with 8 songs decent: knights of malta, silvery sometimes, solara
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