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  1. to fap or not to fap? that is the question. @JoshRaptorTire good call. they are very starting line-esque
  2. the song "she" is fire. also really digging Virginia in the rain
  3. aside from "here on out" i enjoyed tracks 1-8. nice relaxing dave album with melodic and dissonant nuance
  4. took a few listens to get into this. kinda dead between 6-11. favorite songs: midnight crusade, suspended in this disaster, care, count bassy, bloodsucker. the anthology bridge in evaporate was really cool too. saw them 2 weeks ago and they killed it
  5. solid album. dig side A. favorite songs: criminal, crystal ball, our time to go, safe haven
  6. surprised how disappointed i was with this
  7. why does this matter? is there a change to be made? i used to love zippy but passtheleaks is simpler. love them both still
  8. in a weak month, this is likely my AOTM. weakest AOTM as of yet
  9. As a whole, the singles are best. Best: let it in Pretty good: runaway, stay OK: paper thin, tell me why non-singles were weak. tell me why reminded me of embracer's no gospel
  10. SINCE DBM2????? Jesus talk about late to the party all in all, not that strong of a song, but the chorus kinda made up for the weakish verse. the ending was tight. hella amped for this release. tilian def grew on me. always love me some jon and heavy dance rhythm