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  1. didn't know them before this album. enjoyed basically every song on here. impressive stuff. fav song: shade
  2. Discover: Rock

    would emo fall under this category? this is evaline- postpardum modesty from 2006
  3. finally got around to this. never listened to this band before. pretty good pop punk stuff here. favorite tracks: in spite of me, had it coming, occupy your skin, admittance
  4. love me some surprise singles edit: this one wasn't good tho
  5. @moshlyfe i don't hate them. i actually kinda like them. it's just they have no style. they recreate zeppelin and now rush. all bands have influences but theirs seems more copycat. i still listen to and enjoy them regardless. the vocalist is clearly the most talented here. the thing is i just don't think they're good songwriters. it just seems like a mesh of potential talent playing mostly flat, empty songs. luckily they're young with time to develop
  6. forever & ever more and you know me too well are good i believe gods is in 6/8 for the verse and 4/4 for the chorus...interesting
  7. there we go! zeppelin junior now tries ripping off rush too (age of man sounds literally like rush) age of man, when the curtain falls, and brave new world are decent songs Genre: Hard Rock LMAO
  8. thanks! nice jams here tracks that stood out: in moment, love//loss
  9. first time listening to this band. pleasantly surprised digging smile... also odyssey, x (mwah), and get up! are pretty good getting surprising Panic! at the disco vibes for the choruses of odyssey and x (mwah)