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  1. Anyone else feel like Voices and Hourglass would’ve fit this album better than Graveyard Shift? In my opinion if you replaced Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave and Brand New Numb the album as a whole would’ve been phenomenal obviously just my opinion still think the album is great but just those 2 songs not that I don’t like them just lyrically compared to rest the album they don’t fit.
  2. @invaderhemp I’ve heard them say in interviews that it’s heavier than graveyard shift and more towards the creatures sound hence the artwork for Disguise is meant to be a full body interpretation of the creatures album cover hands.
  3. Hyped for this album, Chris wasn’t wrong when he said this song sounds like it’s straight from Creatures loving how the 3 singles released so far showcase the different era’s of MIW.
  4. even though the albums been pushed back still think it'll leak next week Australian iTunes hasn't changed the release date but I noticed everywhere else has.
  5. As a massive ETF I'll take this over 90% of Hate Me and Empire, but they can do a lot better than this.
  6. Anyone whose keen on checking out the album American iTunes store has previews up
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