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  1. Statement from the vocalist on Reddit: "Hey guys, Cael here. Just wanted to give everyone a PSA: The band currently consists of me (the vocalist), Matt, and Elyssa. We won't be doing any live shows, and if there is going to be any future music from Ovdi (and that's a big "if"), it will be a studio/digital project only. We really just wanted to get this album out to all the fans that have been so patient, especially amidst the current craziness. Cheers, mates. Stay safe out there." He hasn't answered any questions directly regarding Aaron, so you can either take them on their word or not
  2. I like this more than most of the stuff from Worlds Apart. I'm not really into the chorus, but instrumentally this is tight
  3. Some similarities to Old Souls-era Make Them Suffer
  4. Loathe is the top pick, Satyr and Envy also put out good releases. Polaris and Reflections were average at best to me.
  5. Not crazy about this one but I've enjoyed his other output, hope the album is good
  6. Baffled at people saying this sounds anything like badXchannels. Pretty much just sounds like yet another band trying to move in the same direction as BMTH - basically alt rock with a hint of a scream every now and then
  7. I've given this a few playthroughs now, and it's just not something I find enjoyable. Sure, it's heavy, but the songs are for the most part pretty disjointed and largely lack any sort of rhythm or melody. The album mostly plays out as a long series of chugs which just isn't doing much for me. Pretty one-note, little variation. Recommended if you like Black Tongue, I guess.
  8. Big pmtoday and ALLB vibes, will have to keep an eye on these guys
  9. Finally! This is great, so excited to get another album from them
  10. Obvious pop influence, but still recognizably Silverstein. Much better than "Infinite" in that regard.
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