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  1. I'm pretty hyped for this, Loyal to the Soil was awesome
  2. Yeah, I was excited to see that they had put something new out, until I actually listened to it.. nothing like their old music. Definitely feels like an attempt at radio attention.
  3. took me a little bit to realize that "Bannoncore" is in reference to Jacob, not Steve - at least, I hope so
  4. @Smash_Adams that's initially why I clicked as well! This is still pretty sick though
  5. I actually feel the opposite way! In general I'm much more likely to listen to a full length album rather than a single track, so when some singles aren't included on an LP it means I'll end up listening to them less compared to the music on a "proper" album.
  6. @Scotty_Trees Also this one, which uses the same stock photo I know this because.. I have also used this photo, and now I keep seeing it
  7. really hyped for the full release
  8. It's alright, sounds like Jag is struggling to hit the higher notes. As a longtime ASD fan though, it's still nice to hear him on some new music.
  9. Most of their songs do have vocals, I did think this instrumental one was kind of an odd choice for a single. Definitely check out the previous album (Phanerozoic I) if you haven't already! It was one of my favorites of 2018
  10. so excited for this, these guys only get better
  11. rap battle therapy could've been an early Breathe Carolina track
  12. No, those were part of the original release - this album was a compilation of b-sides and demos to begin with. Looks like it got a vinyl pressing done back in July so maybe that's why it's being posted.
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