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  1. Sounds like a Fall Out Boy song to me
  2. I'm enjoying this, Nick DePirro's guitar playstyle is a big draw for me
  3. One of my favorite bands of all time, and who I credit as a gateway band to my interest in heavier music. I'm always hoping for a reunion, I hope this discography package will bring in some new fans.
  4. oh dang, didn't expect to hear anything from these guys again
  5. Their next release is easily one of my most anticipated, whenever that may be. Lots of potential in this band.
  6. Interesting approach to capitalization you've got there
  7. Easily SeeYouSpaceCowboy, not just my favorite album of the month but one of the best releases of this year to me
  8. She Watched the Sky is listed under the EP section
  9. I'm happy to hear them moving further into blackened/black metal territory
  10. So stoked for the new album, I keep the last one in consistent rotation
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