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  1. I can't put my finger on it, but "When Both Sides Suck, We're All Winners" sounds like a Sum 41 song. But overall I like the album, feels fresh for Zebrahead. Youth Fountain and Zebrahead the same day, today was a good day!
  2. lewl That's how much I've listen to Polaris before : D ty for answer.
  3. Where have I seen this artwork before?
  4. Yea forgot to edited my comment cause like 5 min after I posted I found it on their Facebook page x)
  5. Yea, same feeling here. Didn't enjoy this at all : /
  6. Quite good. Youtube link if you don't wanna download it.
  7. The band that got me into metal xD Miss Jimmie tho ;( Will give this album a chance, but seeing Tommy Körberg as a featured artist is so fucking weird.. But then again every person above 30 in Sweden so I guess it's another sellout move ; )
  8. In no particular order, my favorites from 2016 is: Outline In Color - Struggle Beartooth - Aggressive Too Close To Touch - Haven't Been Myself Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost PUP - The Dream Is Over Blink-182 - California Joyce Manor - Cody
  9. Crown the Empire - I can only remember track "Zero" from that album. A Day To Remember - Paranoia was good, maybe cause it sounds like We're All To Blame by Sum 41 but rest of the album was for me a big disappointment. Issues - Yea, just didn't stuck with me. I think COMA and Blue Wall is two great songs but rest of the album is kinda meh for me. Also gonna say Sum 41. It's my favorite band the the reason I got into punk, metal and whatever and when the album came out I was stoked. I thought it was really good, still think it's good but apart from that first week or two I don't think I've listen to it full once. The worst part is my favorite track from the album is a b-side : >. People gave Screaming Bloody Murder and Underclass Hero shit but those two albums really stuck with me for a long time, I don't think 13 Voices will do that.
  10. Big Alesana fan here, they've done som really great concept albums though out the years.
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