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  1. Genre: Pop-Punk/Emo // YouTube Album Stream The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose The Gospel Youth - Always Lose
  2. Their bassist is as close to being family without being blood! If you get a chance to catch them on tour right now DO IT! They never disappoint! Spread the word!!
  3. Some little dudes on the right track for some good Pop-Punk with some minor screaming: This band has got a good pop-punk sound with some early 2000's emo undertones!
  4. These wouldn't fall under the Pop-punk genre, more post-hardcore than anything. But samadept is right, definitely check these bands out! Favorite one is Our Last Night for sure. Their older stuff when they first signed to epitaph is good, their covers seem to be so much better than their albums for some reason so check out every cover on youtube! Slaves is awesome too! Jonny Craig’s voice is F*ckin’ timeless! (his old bands: old Dance Gavin Dance, Isles & Glaciers, old Emarosa too) Adept will rip your face off for sure!!! Adept - Secrets is my personal favorite. Dual screams wins any day.
  5. great list! F*ckin' Grayscale forever! Just caught onto them. They are going to be the next huge band in Pop-punk I think. their new single.
  6. Bands I think are awesome and listen to on a daily basis are Bold, Italics and Underlined : Example Other bands I've listed are still really good, just giving you a starting point. Pop-Punk has grown and expanded in many directions, so finding which (or all) directions you like is up to you, as I prefer more catchy melodies and awesome riffs with energy, which you will find in the highlighted bands. Also, I've included a short list of bands that are kind of in the same genre in regards to catchy-ness, but not as "punk" as the first list...definitely worth checking out though! As It Is Basement Broadside Carousel Kings Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Citizen City Lights The Drive Home Fireworks Forever Came Calling Four Year Strong Friends Will Be Friends Handguns Heroes For Hire Hit The Lights In Her Own Words Knuckle Puck Like Pacific Light You Up A Loss For Words Major League Man Overboard Neck Deep Real Friends Rydell Save Your Breath Scouts Honour Seaway State Champs ***(personal favorite band)*** The Story So Far Summer Wars Thief Club (side Project of Hit The Lights lead singer) Transit Turnover We Were Sharks WSTR Why Everyone Left The Wonder Years ________________________________________________________________________________________ (Some bands that are on the more Pop side of Pop-Punk, maybe more Alternative) Against The Current All Time Low Amely Artist vs. Poet Boys Like Girls Cartel The Downtown Fiction Every Avenue Forever The Sickest Kids Mayday Parade Go Radio Goodnight Sunrise New Found Glory The Maine A Rocket To The Moon Set It Off The Summer Set There For Tomorrow We Are The In Crowd We The Kings Yellowcard If you like more alternative bands and would like a list like this just let me know.
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