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  1. Well this took me by surprise, didn't even know they had a record coming out! Nice
  2. Portuguese Black metal delivering! Hope the new record will sound as good as the previous one
  3. After all this time? Always. Man, been waiting on this one, it's G R E A T
  4. Yes! Was looking for this one. Thanks!
  5. Was looking for this one! Quite promising by the singles. A lot of people compare them to Alestorm, but I think personally is such a bad comparison as the only thing they have in common is the "pirate vibe". If you're looking for a more folk/shanty vibe and fiddles, you have come to the right place. Underrated band on this genre imo
  6. Love these guys, can't wait to see them at Midgardsblot! Perfect music to have when you work or need to relax, love it
  7. Excellent choice of upload. Thanks for the support! (I'm actually the drummer )
  8. Glad I pre ordered this! Sounding massive, and it really shows the quality of their production, being this at 128 and not sounding like that at all And nice retouch on Smile The binaural version must be the tits
  9. Absolute banger of a tune! Liked this more than Luminary (which I liked a lot btw). Feeling some Eden vibes in this song, and holy sh#t I wasn't expecting those screams. Quite a nice surprise! Loved it! Can't wait for the full album, which is already pre-ordered
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