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  1. Machine Head - Beyond the Pale (Single) (2017)

    I was expecting it to be waaaaay way worse, this is fine, I was thinking this would go like that random radio friendly single they put out not too long ago
  2. Jaden Smith - SYRE (2017)

    dunno what you guys are loling about he has some great songs
  3. My absolute fav album of theirs, full of bangers
  4. Pendulum - Immersion (2010)

    alright now im in a dnb mood thanks kl
  5. Eminem - Walk On Water (ft. Beyoncé) [Single] (2017)

    Oh boy another album with not a single song without features T_T
  6. Threat Signal - Disconnect (2017)

  7. KL 3.0 [11/7]

    all good then, keep it uuuuuup
  8. KL 3.0 [11/7]

    Looks rad as fuck tbh but can we get a switch to change the layout form right side to left side? that would be my only complain, good job doe
  9. Bad Wolves - Toast to the Ghost (Single) (2017)

    First time listening and this shit goes hard tytyt KL
  10. Memes go too far sometimes, man
  11. Polaris - The Mortal Coil (2017)

    FUCKING AWESOME ALBUM start to finish, this shit is so fucking good that if they don't become huge im going to be mad as fuck with the community
  12. Escape The Fate - Empire (Single) (2017)