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  2. Im a big fan of Noctrurnal but I have to agree, this is a masterpiece
  3. I like it waaay more than the outsider
  4. love me some new Landon
  5. sweet
  6. Thanks, was hoping to get my preorder this week but ill just download this fuck it ^^
  7. Wtf i didnt even knew they were working on this
  8. Pretty good even if it was a fucking 10 month wait
  9. Do you realize the stupidity you just typed? its like saying ''Eh, I already have two amazing albums, I won't enjoy a third one... Fuck that''
  10. My boys are back ayyyyyyyyye!
  11. I wish Dani left the band after one last album damn I really liked the new Justice Is Charity and UTD sound
  12. Sounds like the wait it going to be worth it