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  1. yup, i checked it out the other day and its dope as hell ty for posting bro
  2. rebel is dope as fuck im checking this out for sure
  3. you got offended by a joke bro? hahaha damn man
  4. holy fuck i've been waiting for this moment since i started highschool bro...
  5. cool as fuck, the last solo sold made me fall in love
  6. really well balanced between heavy slow and experimental i loved this i guess the wait was worth it
  7. check out the one before this, its full of bangers too
  8. appreciated much love 🖤
  9. the singles are so good if u dont check this out ur missing out
  10. This shit sounds like something taken from HATE i luv it
  11. this album is gona be such a letdown
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