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  1. tbh... The cover does look familiar
  2. Oh boi oh boi oh boi I can't wait to blast this at full volume
  3. Glad hes still making music in the afterlife
  4. I never liked them so im gonna skip this one so I don't feel bad for The Weeknd being disrespected
  5. Im so hyped for this one im gonna wait on 320, really loved Reign Supreme
  6. I hate that they sold out like that
  7. Im probably never gonna watch them live because im broke as fuck so the live vocals dont affect me haha
  8. I really liked the album on release and everything, but holy fuck I grew tired of the cleans really fucking fast :^( at least I know it wont happen with the new album
  9. this is how you copy the bmth-esque repeating vocals WELL DONE, unlike many other bands around. Every song Landon releases from his solo project or from this band the more respect I get for him, he is an insane artist, period.
  10. The cleans on every single so far sound really fucking good compared to the last album
  11. This is perfect holy hell
  13. This is exactly what I was expecting from them
  14. Wow this album is reallly good damn
  15. noice