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  1. Uhh, how do I say this, Papa, a friend of mine got me to tell you to stop teasing him and leak the album already, but like, it was not me I swear, i'm just a messenger. I don't like this cheesy ass band whom's't've lyrics only appeal for a younger generation of us and only talk about parties and such, im more into deep mature and meaningful music if you ask me.
  2. The boys are back im so happy right now
  3. not bad at all, simple song but its catchy, really digging this
  4. Agree but when Corpsegrinder does highs oh boy does it become an epic song
  5. I am so glad they didn't add random breakdowns on the songs becuase that would have ruined half the songs, great fucking job on the riff department too, my god, im gonna blast this shit on repeat for 6 months straight
  6. goooood shit, liking everything as of now
  8. yhankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou
  9. They said in a video where they announced the comeback that when they stopped touring they just straight up went to live normal lives working and shit (dunno why)
  10. Amazing single, they are incredible live, if you have a chance dont even think about it, just go watch them, you wont regret
  11. sounds dope tbh and im not big into August Burns Red
  12. This is so deep, I wish everyone showed him this love simultaneously while he was alive, imagine waking up to everyone on the internet loving you, fans and friends
  13. This is great