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  1. ive been ready for this for so long, lesgetit
  2. if you heard the insta stories caleb used to upload while recording you be 100% sure it will be better
  3. the synths are so fucking cool holy shit
  4. I have it on repeat since they uploaded the vid, what a masterpiece, theese guys can do no wrong
  5. Hell yeah, the boys are back. Now this is good hype. I have nothing but respect for Serj but honestly fuck him, i've been waiting 10 years to hear more from System and after all the hype he comes out and says hes not feeling it, he had years and years to not feel it
  6. This is so fucking good start to finnish, im amazed, i'd say its one of the best albums they have ever written but the other ones have a lot of nostalgia so that makes them special, Dear Agony for example is full of bangers. Now I can sleep happy as fuck thanks KL family love you all i'm going to be fapping to this for the next 6 months
  8. really nice while i wait for more another shokran banger
  9. I got super hyped thinking the new album leaked and it was this thread
  10. this is their best yet, the production is so fucking good im impressed, I loved the last 2 albums but the cleans sometimes felt very lackluster, not in this album doe