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  1. Wildways - Put In [Single] (2018)

    Still wish there was english subtitles for the russian parts lol
  2. Soulkeeper - Scattered (Single) (2018)

    If you liked their last EP (which had some great parts) you'll like this
  3. InVisions - Parasite (Single) (2018)

    Greatness of the last album continues Probably their heaviest song yet.
  4. Dreamer - Let It In [Single] (2018)

    Always liked some of their songs, especially from their last album, but these last 2 songs have been top notch. Cant wait for their best album yet
  5. Of all the things I expected this to sound like, a Metalcore-Buttrock-Hybrid wasnt one of them. Yeah, not sure about this one
  6. KidCrusher - In Your Nightmares (Single) (2018)

  7. Artica - Cloak & Claw (Single) (2018)

  8. Rogue Half - Refraction (2018)

    Wish it was a little less dark and heavy sometimes, like in False Negative, because most of it feels like stuff you've heard already. Still has some really good and unique parts though. Definitely check this out if youre into bands like Darknet, Conform and Gloom in the corner.
  9. Gai - Shrimp (Single) (2018)

    ure mom gai XDD
  10. Wildways - Breathless (Single) (2018)

    Pretty much what I expected new Wildways to sound like, surprised by the amount of uncleans though. Issa good song
  11. Modern Error - Blackout Poetry (Single) (2018)

    Thanks but Capsize already exist
  12. I, Valiance - I (2018)

    Basically Reject of Humanity but a lot more bouncy and a lot less technical
  13. A lot of people will probably cry about how they are "soft" now but personally, I love how this new stuff is a lot different from Gravity (which imo is their best album to date). It's beyond me why people want bands to release the same album over and over again.