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  1. More variety than the first one, but still feels pretty long at 17 tracks. Obviously has some heavy bops, but I really like the more melodic/sad stuff they did here, especially DRAINO and THE GIVE UP
  2. This is bouncy as fuck. A bop indeed. Emmure vibes at times. Last 30 seconds made me wonder if thats even a guitar anymore tho
  3. Was excited until I read the comments. Well, lets give it a shot
  4. Well, in my opinion, this pretty good song got an unexpected amount of hate here. The same people disliking my comment are also the people who would post a comment like that if a song they liked got hate. But I'm not gonna complain, if KL didn't attract retards I wouldn't have found my way here
  5. CJ does more highs here than in his entire time in Signs of the Swarm lmao. Every song with him so far has been some of their best material and really showcased him as one of the best vocalists in the genre. Also, imagine being able to make a 6 minute deathcore song that doesnt feel like 6 minutes, while most 3 minute songs by other bands do
  6. Stop doing what? Giving some weeb shit for disrespecting the dead? Nah
  7. What do you care. Not like you've ever spoken to, let alone touched a female
  8. Anime profile pic, mainly listens to core, favourite band BVB. Checks out
  9. Can't think of a group whose opinion on music taste is more irrelevant to me than core kids. Maybe kpop fans. I also hope your name stands for the band Anyways, thanks for attacking me to then basically agree that they can do better, despite this song having some great heavy parts
  10. True, despite being an unpopular opinions, because heavy = good
  11. Imagine listening to a song before adding the genre tags These last 2 singles are pretty great
  12. Seen a lot of hate for this on ig for some reason. Even people on here arent confused enough to dislike this absolute BOP
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