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    i'm here for the first time and i must say i love it here
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  1. Better than the last one for sure
  2. Oh yeah, sorry. Saying things like "this band is still relevant?" or "people still listen to this band?" is definitely the most open minded expression of taste. To answer your question, yes, after only 2 years of being relevant, they are STILL relevant, if not more relevant than ever, since they're a fairly new band with an evergrowing fanbase.
  3. I was actually kinda hoping to like this but this album is serious ass.
  4. not sure if trying to be edgy or actually mentally challenged
  5. good but not their best
  6. Actually good
  7. yeah, their best one yet as well
  8. Love this style.
  9. Wow this is good. Nice mix of metalcore and deathcore
  10. Nice change of style. Even better than their last album, which was already very good
  11. Doesnt come close to the last UTD album, doesnt even come close to their old material lol. Really wish UTD didnt lie about coming back
  12. The last album had a few good songs but was mediocre over all, this is an all time low though. This is fucking horrible, if you're a fan of them you won't like it
  13. Surprisingly good for what it is. Obviously expected something else from them, guess the alt rock bandwagon isnt over after all. (this is really good)
  14. production is garbage but still pretty hype shit i dig