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  1. Guess I'm the only one who has been disappointed by every single after Worldwide Suicide
  2. Why does this sound like me 5 years ago
  3. Finally gave it a spin, this shit hard. Artwork too
  4. Theres been more good music already than last year in total lol. The Weeknd - After Hours Black Atlass - Dream Awake Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes Uzi - Eternal Atake Future - High Off Life Don Toliver - Heaven or Hell Boston Manor - Everything Is Ordinary Ocean Grove - Flip Phone Fantasy Dealer - Saint EP No order, just what I listen to the most
  5. I just called Alien my all time fav metalcore album, so I decided to revisit this song. Im sorry but my opinion hasnt changed a bit, I fucking hate the cleans in this chorus. lmao
  6. This bitch still fucking slaps. At this point I think its fair to say that it's my favourite metalcore album of all time
  7. This is actually really good. He's the last person I expected to make something like this, but I guess MGK kinda paved the way for mainstream artists to experiment more now.
  8. We might actually get the Amo we deserve. Production on this is ridiculous
  9. I think its fair to say that SOI shit on this album
  10. Nooo, you cant just be the best dc band for years, manage to actually translate that sound into something fresh instead of falling off like every other band, just to throw that away and make another symphonic dc/mc album thats worse than your other work haha drums go brrrrr
  11. Just listened to Worlds Apart again, which is still so amazing that I just have to give this a chance I guess
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