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  1. Why remove one of the best songs and a fan favourite from the album? lol
  2. So did this ever get actually released? so weird
  3. Nein danke lol (Wtf happened? This isnt Metalcore at all. Didnt expect them to fall for the alt rock meme, and not even being good at it)
  4. Holy shit I remember these guys.
  5. The first song since Clocks where the writer didnt have a seizure. Solid
  6. Cleans remind me of Shokran. Fuck me, this is some good stuff
  7. They are a fucking gem for every horror fan
  8. As if this album wasnt disappointing enough itself compared to Disgusting
  9. Dont sound anything like them, just because the ex vocalist is on this? lol
  10. You pretty much named all the best ones
  11. Guess it wont get updated. Even more reason to buy it tho :^)
  12. Im such a sucker for this style of post hardcore. Glad its making such a heavy comeback the last 2 years
  13. Love how much love Make It Hurt is getting. Many people didnt see the great potential in TL/TD, now they do
  14. >Metalcore
  15. While I prefer Sworn In and Loathe, they are definitely better than most current bands in this genre (Loser)