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  1. Yess Finally some variety in their sound. Also, great feature choice. AA and TWA featured some wack nonames while Browning chose an actual rapper who also has ties to hardcore, and it shows 🔥
  2. So fucking sick. These guys are top notch hardcore
  3. Dont waste your energy on being angry because I like something that you don't, use it to enjoy the things you enjoy instead
  4. Close minded core kids hating on something doesnt mean theres much hate in general pretty much everybody loves it
  5. Yeah this is fucking trash. Except for Missing My idols and Oomps Revenge, those tracks are actually kinda fire
  6. If you think Astroworld is bad you should just skip rap or music alltogether
  7. People apparently find it very hard to comprehend that I can enjoy this nice song without comparing it to their (better) older material
  8. If youre in the mood for some bouncy shit youre at the right place! "Real shit, fuck a 9 to 5, pussy bitch motherfucker"
  9. a very nice album, thanks @Dwesk for recommending