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  1. see you in 40 is so fucking good
  2. Holy shit lmao. Just had to check this out, wasnt disappointed
  3. This is gonna be my favourite Metalcore album this year no doubt. I also really hope Michael continues his solo stuff as well.
  4. "Wow, this is amazing!" -me if I heard this in 2016, about a year before this sound was done to death
  5. This shit lame. How you gonna have the most unlikely comeback music has seen just to release a trash album and kill the career you just revived
  6. When that Slipknot barrel on steroids hit in the breakdown, I legit laughed out loud. This shit goes. They should ditch the melodic stuff alltogether after hearing this
  7. Gunna isnt even that big. poor guy
  8. Ludens and especially Parasite Eve were pretty much what I was hoping for after Amo. This isnt, but man does it slap. Not the biggest fan of Yungblud, but this song fits him like a glove
  9. What the actual fuck is this artwork? I feel like its so bad that it has to be intentional Why did I think these guys were any good in 2016? His uncleans gave me aids (or at least made it worse)
  10. Would love to see a collection of these artworks. Glasslands, Thousand Below, Ghost Atlas ..
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