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  1. bro what, bmth sounded like this 5 years ago
  2. I've said this for Animals and its even more true for this one. Thank fucking god they're switching it up, these guys have sounded the same for ages. I'm actually looking forward to an Architects album.
  3. Obviously Snowblood shits on this. Still a cool song, definitely more raw and less melodic than usual
  4. I used to call these guys the worse version of Loathe. How the times have tabled, I actually prefer this to anything off the last Loathe record
  5. Just discovered this, really fun stuff. also lol at the guy who says he loves nu metal but thinks this is a cringefest because it has some rapping in it
  6. Late to the party. Glad they finally got the whiney vocals under control and the sound they went for is good, but damn the production on this really isnt all that great.
  7. fuck me these guys can write some choruses. Probably one of the most consistent metalcore bands out there (also consistently terrible lyrics tho)
  8. These guys arent doing a lot but what they're doing, they're doing so damn well. Glad theres sum new from them finally
  9. German metalcore is the worst
  10. Just stumbled upon this album again. This might just be one of the worst bodies of music ever created
  11. Imagine being a band for like 10 years and only having one good song thats 8 years old
  12. Im fucking crying at this artwork. Holy shit
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