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  1. What the actual fuck. This album sounds like if Lionheart and Blink 182 were related and decided to have a disabled kid
  2. I hate when artists release worthless deluxe editions with like 2 acoustic song and one reimagined or whatever. Finally a deluxe edition that actually adds value to the original project.
  3. Lol, totally missed this. Glad they finally made an album that deserved to have The Sickness on it, a single they released before This Is Goodybe
  4. Finally. These guys are so fuckin good. So is this song, just not really what I expected from them lol. Guess this is just a song we got for halloween? Would rather have them working on a new album
  5. Animal still a thing? huh I WISH YOU COULD WATCH ME BREAK YOUR NEEEEECK
  6. Also Insolent by Bloodline has some nü bangers like NTSB and Insolent
  7. Already named but: Conform. Other than that: Rogue Half, Lordis, Soulkeeper, Wither, VCTMS, Darknet
  8. Shame this great song was overlooked. Underrated as hell
  9. About time they released this lol. Great addition to a great album. It does sound a little too similar to Stabbing in the dark sometimes though.
  10. These guys have sounded the same for too long.
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