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  1. Why do they even bother if they're not adding anything to a sound that has not only been done to death, but also tons better by bands like Slaves and TCTT? Solid 5/10 I guess.
  2. I dont even have to listen, artwork speaks volumes
  3. Actually impressed by this. Didnt care for Kamikaze much, that album was definitely made for his pretentious lyrical spiritual individual fanbase. This actually feels like the Eminem that i was a fanboy of as a kid again, the one that doesnt give a fuck if what he says makes you uncomfortable. This isnt just Eminem at his best in ages tho, the features on this are seriously fuckin good. Especially Don Toliver and Anderson .Paak
  4. A very good and respectful posthumous release. Not a cashgrab by the family and label as we have seen in other instances..
  5. Obviously Alien should have won but eh, this is fine too. I know it probably won mainly because of fanbase size but it actually deserves it too. I really like amo but even calling it an "album" is hard, maybe Mixtape of the year. How Daymemer made it in the top 4 the same year that Thornhill, Bad Omens, TDWP and Knocked Loose released better albums is still beyond me
  6. Never Know is a bop, glad that my core AOTY gets a Deluxe with 3 actual new proper songs. Even though I like the Yeezus-styled artworks like amo, I gotta agree that the artwork itself on this is just kinda shit
  7. Yeahhh nah. I get that they chose the name because of IT apparently but you still shouldnt use the name of a band that is literally in the same genre as you. (And also shits all over your music)
  8. tell me new bad omens is shit papi
  9. Cant wait to get shit on by @desk for my ratings
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