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  1. Man, this is fucking great. Lie To Me set expectations pretty damn high and after By My Side I was pretty sure it couldnt meet them, but it did easily. If After Hours didnt give you what you were looking for, you will probably find it here. Only negative: Do For Love and By My Side are extremely poppy and definitely only on the album to get radio plays
  2. "At least he has the balls to do it" doesnt justfiy making a bad song lol. Not saying this is bad but that argument is dumb
  3. Just give me the damn album already. Besides Everything Is Whitenoise every single has been fucking ace, even though this one is kinda repetitive
  4. Man really made us wait that long for this lmao
  5. Might as well delete your account again
  6. Couldnt disagree more. This album is ass. First 4 songs are good tho
  7. I don't think I've ever been this sad about a band disbanding, their last album means a lot to me. I'm pretty sure these songs are just b sides that they're releasing now to give fans something before being done. They're not very good tho..
  8. How did I forget about Upon This Dawning. Man, their last album is fucking nuts
  9. It Comes In Waves is what I always hoped this band would be. Guess they just wanted to flex that they could actually make good music, before going back to releasing the same song 10 times again
  10. Yeah, This album is gonna be a pass for me. Shame, Worlds Apart was amazing
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