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  1. This is horrible. Most boring and uninspired album I've listened to in a while. If you want to listen to this style done well listen to TPIY- Dispose or After Touch - You Wish This Was About You instead. It Was Easy and Im Sorry are pretty good though, cant deny that. Love those songs
  2. These guys have been releasing bangers for 4 years straight now. Very underrated. This song is no exception, but I definitely prefer their depressing, slow and groovy stuff over almost exclusively blast beats. I guess going full BLACKED was the only logical next step though, considering they have always had these melodic influences from black metal in their music.
  3. imagine having to leave your band because of some made up rape bullshit by attention hungry... women. (brockhampton lul) onto the less risky topic: absolute banger of a song, dont mind the knocked loose offknocking at all
  4. Wow, cool idea and some great bands on this (Until We Die, A Trust Unclean, Beyond The Extraction, Boy Eats Girl...).
  5. thats the one i mean. should have just released it, its literally finished..
  6. So was the unreleased EP with their new vocalist. It was already done, might as well have released it..
  7. Hate they guy but the band hes in are always solid so Ill check this out. Also, wasnt the single released like a week ago and we arleady get a full length? damn guess they missed their promotion phase
  8. I think the preview song is fine enough, I would have probably wasted some time listening to this if it wasnt 30 tracks lmao.
  9. The best songs on this album are the ones that arent rock. Nihlist blues, Why You Gotta Kick Me and I dont Know What To Say are some of their most atmospheric, well produced tracks. Not saying songs like shi&t and heavy metal arent good, its just funny to see all the negative reviews saying "wtf is this pop" about nihilist blues when the song isnt even pop. That basically says all theres to say about it lol. People who are way out of touch with anything that isnt screamy screamo music and think everything that has guitar = good and anything that doesnt have guitar = shit radio pop. The angry, negative reviews are by the same people who think that mantra and wonderful life are good songs. Guitars dont make a good song, good music makes a good song. Doesnt matter what genre it is. This album is heavily carried by the great production, which doesnt change the fact that it doesnt feel like an album and more like a mixtape. The sound is all over the damn place. Still, I like most songs on this mixtape, thats why its an 8/10 for me. If i were to rate it as an album, it would probably be a 6.
  10. Welp. I really loved their first two albums, the heavies were ridiculously heavy but they also had great amounts of very well executed melodic stuff in their music. The song Black Swan (last album) perfectly sums up why I love their sound. This album though is very meh. The production is, as always, really good, but only on the melodic songs like Whats Gotten Into Me, Black Rifle and Wade In The River, where they add amazing melodies and symphonic stuff, even a choir. The heavy songs on the other hand lack all the punch that makes the sound you would expect from King810. Theres no bangers like Alpha & Omega or Killem all on this. Heartbeats is still experimental and refreshing enough to be a good listen. The lyrics on the other hand arent experimental at all. He's still the boogeyman, he still loves guns and he stll gives and receives knife/gun wounds. The songs I didnt mention (so most of the album) are pretty boring and it sounds like they lost their steam to me. Sing Me To Sleep also isnt bad, but I cant help but think of songs like French75 and Youre so wonderful by Cane Hill, which go for a similar sound but just execute it so much better. tl;dr: bad lyrics and bad music, listen to their other albums instead.
  11. I think these songs are great, but most of the last album was better. I dont get why they would change their sound this drastically when they were actually doing really well lol. The 2 members leaving obviously isnt the reason, the last song is very reminiscent of their other material ( and the best song on this)
  12. Don't care for this band but wow that's some artwork
  13. Their last album was great and easily the best music they have ever made, the outro song made it pretty obvious that they wanna venture into different genres though. This song is pretty damn good as well, but is this really 320? Sounds horrible imo
  14. I really like the song. Shame hes probably gonna fuck them over just like he did with D&D and AA
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