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  1. This is probably gonna get so much hate lol. First song I actually like by them, hope they are successful with this and stop making outdated sounding scenecore
  2. Always zippy because it's what I've always used to download music lol. Also it's always been the fastest for me, passtheleaks sometimes gives me problems
  3. This song is fucking incredible. Actually might even be my favourite Deafheaven song, those last 4 minutes are amazing
  4. This album is fucking incredible.
  5. daytona > ye > this im sorry i really dont get the hype at all
  6. Heck yes. Now we just need new Xisforeyes
  7. Wow, the intro is fucking nice Would prefer to hear more of that instead. Glad it made me listen to this album though, it's actually really nice and less seizure inducing than OAA.
  8. One of the first core bands I ever listened to This is definitely different from their other material but man is it good. I wonder if Tony actually left or if they just felt like making an EP meme without him?. Either way, this is fucking good