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  1. Yeah u right. jaws was a great song on itself but doesnt really belong on this I guess. Also couldnt agree more on The Way That You Were, imo their worst song
  2. Incredible song. Just like most of their recent stuff (looking at you Levitate). I hope Jaws is on the album, I dont see why not, it would fit great
  3. This does not sound like the third album in a relatively big bands discography released on a relatively big label. I was actually excited for this after No Cure, since I loved Lost Control and The Lake (which I was hoping they would remaster for the album lol), but all I can say is... I guess they tried. A little bit.
  4. Yeah but they definitely got better
  5. Nice, remember you shitting on them
  6. One of those rappers who is great on features but I could never listen to a whole solo project by
  7. Song is aight. But Im glad to see that apparently she has her sanity back
  8. This is actually pretty damn great, but wow that guitar in the chorus is wayyyy off.
  9. I finally realised what my biggest problem with this album is after listening to it a bunch and then revisiting the self titled. This feels a lot more like a mixtape than an actual album. The self titled is a lot better at sounding like an actual album by the same band, while still having variety. Its not a Sempiternal to amo difference (bmth reference unrelated to their sound), but it's still there.
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