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  1. It should get you more excited for the Ghost Atlas album
  2. Damn, Gravemind was amazing. Dos this band consist of the Outlands line up or just the singer?
  3. Only single that didnt blow me away. Hopefully this is one of the weaker songs (breakdown is nice though)
  4. Album pls
  5. Thank you KL for introducing me to so much great music
  6. Actually really good.
  7. This is good but they can definitely do better, that ending breakdown is nasty though
  8. Every single so far is fucking amazing. Can we get an album already?
  9. They really dont like making all cleans choruses anymore lol. Its good though, also one of the best Koehler guest spots ive heard
  10. Pretty good, too bad that the cleans are kinda shit
  11. Thanks
  12. How do you even make an album this good
  13. bad
  14. The uncleans on this are crazy. I dont know what we did to deserve this remake (Blackwater >)
  15. Another entry in this bands amazing, diverse discography. I actually like this better than Dark Divine, the chorus is fantastic (Also sounds like BMTH wheres the screamo )