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  1. The good: Definitely their heaviest album yet lol. Also, theres more vocal variety because not only the main vocalist is doing vocals but also someone who doesnt sound like a 12 year old girl. The bad: The good heavies are interrupted by the most generic sounding post hardcore choruses I have ever heard, especially compared to songs like RIP, Buried Alive, Demons or Suffer. I gotta agree with @Thatoneguy335, they are very poppy sounding and dont have that nice dark tone that the songs I mentioned had. Calling All Crows, Goodbye Soul and Time Keeps Running being the exceptions, they sound like Demons b-sides. Conclusion: Kick out the emo guy and make heavy metalcore with only the second guy on vocals. 7/10 Fav songs: Hell is Where The Heart Is, Goodbye Soul, Time Keeps Running
  2. Pretty damn good. Love these last 3 singles. Still liked the more serious approach on Coming Home more
  3. Nothing crazy, just more OTB. Couldve easily been on their last album, which I liked, just like this song. Lyrics are really bad as always tho
  4. Yeah... not too much into his new style at all
  5. Okay. Rock choruses that have dubstep elements but arent technically dubstep themselves. There you go.
  6. I hear it because its in the music. Sorry you dont have the ability to recognize genres with your ears
  7. Rise Above It and DOA both have Dubstep choruses? Clean your ears maybe?
  8. The good: This album has some great songs that I will listen to a lot. The bad: After starting out promising it quickly turns into them doing their best Hollywood Undead impression. And as if thats not bad enough already: Dubstep choruses. Yes, you read that right. Dubstep choruses. In 2019. (not an april fools joke sadly). 6,5/10 maybe
  9. New vocalist is a fucking beast lol. But idk about those cleans
  10. Lets hope this is as good as the singles
  11. Should probably just go the "dontwaitforme" route instead of trying to sound like Sleeping With Sirens did in 2010
  12. Castle In The Sky is one of the better songs coming out of this genre lately
  13. Its just a shame seeing them waste their potential. As I said, I think both this and and Medicine are really good but also missing what made them stand out before. Just compare Miles Apart to Medicine. The Production, the vocals, the guitars, the song structure.. Idk. I will for sure jam their next album but In Sickness EP and the Unwelcome single were top tier sadcore
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