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  1. One and Two are incredible, Jaws was mindblowing. Hey Ya cover was a really cool idea too but man the two singles since then dont do anything for me.. This is a lot better than The Way That You Were but still kinda boring and repetitive
  2. His latest music was a little too rough and weird for me not gonna lie, this on the other hand is absolute peak ghoste
  3. Yeah... this isnt that great. Loved Surrender Your Soul and Killstreak but this is just super half assed and uninspired. Doesnt even sound like him lol. Hopefully just a mixtape until we get another proper album, there are tons of teasers of songs that arent on this
  4. Gotta agree, they'll probably end their career with this album. Retrograde didnt give them the mainstream success they wanted so theyre trying to cash in on the old metalcore fans lol
  5. This is.. really weird (and terrible). Massive step back from Retrograde. That album was modern, mature and catchy (sometimes heavy) as hell, this just sounds like 2010 posthardcore, which is pretty cringy. Second half is cool with more electronics and stuff but yeah too late at that point. tl;dr: big ass
  6. Definitely the worst single and maybe their worst song to date (for me). It will probably grow on me though, cant wait for this album
  7. Love the logo. Super oldschool. This is also deathcore at its absolute peak, even though it barely even sounds like deathcore anymore at some points
  8. First project by him Ive enjoyed in a while. I hate the "throwing lots of shit at the wall hoping something sticks" approach rappers have nowadays with their 20 track albums each month. This is a very solid EP
  9. Hoping this and Talkin In Your Sleep are the weakest songs on the album. Medicine and especially Lonely World are absolute bangers
  10. Grew on me. (Deep in my heart I will always prefer Vultures tho)
  11. Not bad and surprisingly heavy. Even though this and 20/20 are great songs (what i am is super ass dont @ me) they feel kinda uninspired compared to the majority of the last album. Maybe its just me but I wouldve liked to hear them evolve that varied sound further instead of just making metalcore/post hardcore again. (still better than the direction Palisades decided to take though). The last minute is pretty impressive, ambient part actually reminds me of Northlane a little which is always a plus tl;dr great song but Im a grandpa now who cant enjoy heavy music anymore
  12. I loved their EP last year but this sounds like absolute shit production wise, what happened? Shame. With a proper mix this would shit on the EP
  13. Havent listened and I still feel like I just listened to garbage just by looking at the artwork
  14. Thats a name I never expected to see again. Neither did I want to.
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