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  1. Really liked Elevate but man the preview song is so bad that I dont even feel like downloading
  2. Haha hating on something good im so funny and eDgy XD
  3. Crazy fire. People need to stop sleeping on this dude, he already gave us despacito 2 what more could you possibly want
  4. Bro this album might bang but that intro is something else
  5. You dont have to be sensitive to be able to tell if someone is being a dick
  6. Kinda rude but pretty much what everyone thinks about him anyways lol. Dont worry about it
  7. Such a shame how much great music this guy could have given us.
  8. This guy is so fucking crazy. Fat beats, incredible flows and great lyrics. This is what Hopsin whishes he could sound like Only 3 features too, and they all fucking kill it.
  9. Better Mix than the actual release from today
  10. Dont care for the covers at all but Bury Me In Blasphemy is fucking dope. Was hoping for way more blackened and epic orchestra shit like Dark Heart Ceremony though
  11. That art is fucking evil. Cant wait to listen
  12. Me and most of his fans are just glad that we got to hear this. The money milking of his death by his label and mom are another topic lol.
  13. Yeah youre being an idiot. These are all songs that didnt get finished. Im glad we got to hear this album at all yeah he should have just gona back to the studio for a few months and finished the songs before they got released right
  14. I quoted sixsouls not humbleledger but he does look like linus lmaoo
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