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  1. Looking forward to hear more from these guys. I've listened to the first album so much, need some more!
  2. I like his first two albums the best. This one is ok
  3. Life is complete now, time to die.
  4. i almost nutted when I saw this; thought it was the actual leak and not a preview
  5. Been jamming this album since it came out 10 years ago! Great post!!
  6. I did not know Wanda Sykes started making music.
  7. I think I'll wait for the whole album. It's already been 13 years so what's a few more weeks?
  8. I'm gonna bang my wife real good tonight! thanks for this!
  9. As a snake owner I am more than a little concerned about this cover photo. Glad Norma Jean is back tho
  10. This is the band that got me into Mathcore; so hyped they are back from beyond the grave!
  11. After several playthroughs I would say this is probably Tyler's best since Wolf
  12. Thank you! Been waiting on this album to drop for like a whole year
  13. I've seen Nita Strauss before and I'm pretty sure the booty in this album cover has been enhanced quite a bit.
  14. I love this band so much; their last album Ascendancy is one of the best things I've ever heard in my life. I'm not listening to any singles until the whole album drops, I want the whole thing to be fresh
  15. Didn't even know these guys were still around; thanks for this!!!
  16. That baby ball python is adorable. What are you doing on that face? Silly snake
  17. New album soon?? Never been disappointed by anything these guys put out
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