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  1. I think I'll wait for the whole album. It's already been 13 years so what's a few more weeks?
  2. I'm gonna bang my wife real good tonight! thanks for this!
  3. As a snake owner I am more than a little concerned about this cover photo. Glad Norma Jean is back tho
  4. This is the band that got me into Mathcore; so hyped they are back from beyond the grave!
  5. After several playthroughs I would say this is probably Tyler's best since Wolf
  6. I can do it... I can wait for 320
  7. Thank you! Been waiting on this album to drop for like a whole year
  8. I've seen Nita Strauss before and I'm pretty sure the booty in this album cover has been enhanced quite a bit.
  9. I love this band so much; their last album Ascendancy is one of the best things I've ever heard in my life. I'm not listening to any singles until the whole album drops, I want the whole thing to be fresh
  10. Didn't even know these guys were still around; thanks for this!!!
  11. That baby ball python is adorable. What are you doing on that face? Silly snake
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