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  1. Love the guys, all their albums, and I appreciate that they tried to cover the song with such a different vibe and not just redo-it. I just think that is still pretty uninspired (the dubstep parts), at least it doesn't work for me. Hope this is not the direction the full album went
  2. Not hte best song from the album to promote it the one you posted in the youtube link. Listen to Ra in the rising
  3. Vocals are a bit weak, but its a nice relaxing band. Appreciated that you bring this hidden albums
  4. Every song in this EP is fantastic. Hope they get a LP out.
  5. Dunno, album left me a bit cold. Three or four nice songs, lots of bullshit in between padding, and two boring songs. Dunno, especially compared to the two last albums which were becoming more electronic and poppy but were pretty cool
  6. Amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. He probably didn't have time to name the songs since he had to rush the album due to the drama
  8. Phenomenal Album. Every song is a banger. 10/10
  9. A bit disappointed on the D for his one. Got a couple of laughs out of me tho.
  10. I downloaded the album knowing of its derive because of the single. Maybe they'll get more famous now but they are dead to me. They even created a new genre, Black Jazz, to abandon it. Good times.
  11. Thanks man! I was waiting for this!
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