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  1. Amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. He probably didn't have time to name the songs since he had to rush the album due to the drama
  3. Phenomenal Album. Every song is a banger. 10/10
  4. A bit disappointed on the D for his one. Got a couple of laughs out of me tho.
  5. I downloaded the album knowing of its derive because of the single. Maybe they'll get more famous now but they are dead to me. They even created a new genre, Black Jazz, to abandon it. Good times.
  6. Thanks man! I was waiting for this!
  7. Try blackjazz album from shining, its not exactly any of those, but a different genre i would say that has elements of the other two.
  8. HUh yet another instrumental prog alb... WAIT this is fucking different!
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