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  1. This track is all over the place and the mix is horrible.
  2. This track officially releases tomorrow. Along with the album pre-order.
  3. New record out March 8th, 2019! So stoked for this release. Pure gnarly riffage.
  4. Why even waste a post on this trash? Louder Than Quiet too. Like there's some awful music being made in 2018 hahaha.
  5. This is tight. Reminds me of Polaris and Architects if they had a baby.
  6. Usually not a fan of pop punk, lost interest a while back. But this actually decent.
  7. Holy fuck this is GOOD. Like actually really good.
  8. Man, this is just an absolute pile of steaming shit. This band used to be good, but goodness gracious that Forever Friday video is cringeworthy and reminds me of a fucking Rick Astley song in 2018 if he didnt change.
  9. What the fuck is this? One of the worst things I've heard, plus why is he blaming black people for being democratic? Yeezy lost his damn mind.
  10. fuck yessssssssssssssssssss
  11. This is fucking tight. Love it.
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