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  1. Basically sounds like Silent Planet.
  2. Definitely not pop punk, at least anymore. This is more of a twinkly synth rock sound.
  3. This is cool, but where have they been? It's been 3 years since their last record.
  4. why does this shit sound like Balance and Composure? They can't do anything new???
  5. You had me until the auto-tune kicked in.
  6. *yawn* typical Sylar 2.0 feel to it
  7. This is really good! Anybody know the date for the full-length?
  8. Generic shit. Sorry not sorry. Be more original.
  9. They're bigger in the UK. I don't know they have a revolutionary feel to them and people can connect. Plus their albums have been getting better as time went on. This album might have been rished too much. I mean they just put out an album not even 2 years ago. But their layered sound makes them great. Their music is good, not the best.
  10. Such a tasty single! Glad all these dudes are back at it again!
  11. I could deal without the cleans. But solid metalcore release.
  12. This track is all over the place and the mix is horrible.
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