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  1. why does this shit sound like Balance and Composure? They can't do anything new???
  2. You had me until the auto-tune kicked in.
  3. *yawn* typical Sylar 2.0 feel to it
  4. This is really good! Anybody know the date for the full-length?
  5. Generic shit. Sorry not sorry. Be more original.
  6. They're bigger in the UK. I don't know they have a revolutionary feel to them and people can connect. Plus their albums have been getting better as time went on. This album might have been rished too much. I mean they just put out an album not even 2 years ago. But their layered sound makes them great. Their music is good, not the best.
  7. Such a tasty single! Glad all these dudes are back at it again!
  8. I could deal without the cleans. But solid metalcore release.
  9. This track is all over the place and the mix is horrible.
  10. This track officially releases tomorrow. Along with the album pre-order.
  11. New record out March 8th, 2019! So stoked for this release. Pure gnarly riffage.
  12. Yes, thanks for this. There's been a lot of 'shit' being posted lately. Mumble rap and that bullshit of sorts.
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