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  1. This is an extremely stacked roster for a band. Ex Alpha Wolf, Capture the Crown, Northlane and Codeine King. Brace yoruselves, the Dealer Vs Alpha Wolf era is here!!
  2. Holy fuck these guys are still a thing? Guess im still a jugalo
  3. This is good in terms of a "good song", but this is bad in terms of an "Of Mice and Men" song..
  4. "I never said I can walk on water" damn love this album.
  5. Album of the fucking year right here, had to dig out log in information just to post this on this specific album after being MIA for over a year!
  6. Absolutely incredible, always have and always will love this band.
  7. These dudes always leave me speechless. Thanks guys for this amazing gift of a preview
  8. So this happened, and it's love.
  9. Whenever I see "Beatdown" as the genre, I get aggressive.
  10. My internet is out for 2 weeks and I miss so much!
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