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  1. this is great. should put skate punk under the genre tags too
  2. silly genre tags will always catch my attention. and this single is great. hope for more soon
  3. ok this is much better than what he had been releasing. got his groove back.
  4. ok this is great, never heard of them before but that single is a1
  5. dang, are they back? this sounds like an awesome transition. good melodies in the verse
  6. wow, mirrorace as a host really sucks. I can't even find the download button
  7. this band is so dead to me. and their debut is one of my favorite pop punk records ever. maybe thats why? when they toured with blink, I know the singer said that "in bloom" marked a huge shift for the band and their writing. and yeah he was completely right, it ruined it.
  8. damn, this has that 2003 style all over it. not a bad single at all
  9. damn this is great, did they do any more remakes? that album surprisingly holds up well considering how cheesy the concept of the album is
  10. the two singles have been fire. hype that this is early. ty!
  11. in case you dont know, this album was written to be played alongside the 2 Michelin star restaurant of the same name in cali
  12. oh shit yes. seems like punk rock is making a comeback now, I wish there were more punk releases on KL. I just checked and a lot of the stuff that Punknews posts isn't even on here
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