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  1. honestly really like this song. singer sounds just like tom delonge and parts of the video are just like all the small things. nice
  2. very interesting vocal delivery, is it the same guy?
  3. periphery/in her own words/illyria p good month
  4. unfortunately this ones not near as good as those two albums
  5. oh man, this has an absolute aesthetic and im loving it. its fitting in perfectly with a lot of the lo-fi beats stuff ive been seeing on insta. hell yea
  6. fuck I LOVE CHON. posting before even listening, HYPE
  7. any update on this? post says 320 but the dl link only has 128. will check back tomorrow on release day for sure
  8. American Football - LP3 and its not even close for me. though there were definitely some other good releases this month, AF is all I've been listening to. seems like im definitely in the minority on this site though
  9. single sounds great, never heard of these guys
  10. damn this is good. never even heard of this band before. I think the punk rock MBA gave him a shoutout on a video?
  11. this band is so good, last release was phenomenal. thanks for posting, i would have missed it on my fb feed
  12. Vox are just completely monotonous. not promising so far. I mean, they were before but somehow it got worse
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