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  1. very very excited for this. dust and disquiet was phenomenal but was missing something compared to their peer's recent work. hoping this one has that missing link. great band
  2. links are broken, but it is on YouTube if you want to check it. the intro vocals are just so bad on this. and I loved their previous release
  3. these guys make me want to vote for Donald Trump. just shut up already, just shitting out new songs every year to stay relevant
  4. i am so hype for this. the last album was phenomenal. and now they are really trying to experiment within poppunk. the technicality is on display, vox are definitely higher in this track than by my side but im still vibing
  5. 1. American Football - American Football (LP3) 2. Periphery - Periphery IV: Hail Stan 3. In Her Own Words - Steady Glow 4. Infinity Shred - Forever, A Fast Life 5. Strung Out - Songs of Armor and Devotion 6. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind 7. Parliament Owls - A Span Is All That We Can Boast 8. Pray for Sound - Waves 9. Jimmy Eat World - Surviving 10. Yours Truly - Afterglow
  6. the first trending leak for 2020 is a pop punk banger? gonna be a good year
  7. actually bought this on google play music a while ago bc I couldn't find it anywhere. such a good release
  8. this is such a classic screamo album. one of the first I ever heard. honestly it still kinda holds up. sure there is some cheese and way too much angst but 2003 was just so good for the scene
  9. blink will always be my favorite band. but I gotta say they are washed up at this point. RIP boys toypaj>enema>s/t=dude
  10. heck yes. their ep last year was so good. they just have everything that I want in pop punk right now. can't wait for them to put together a full length
  11. My god I’m 2 songs in and this is phenomenal. I need to read up on the history of this band
  12. god I love xanthochroid. their varied vocals on top of the just medieval music is just amazing. will check this
  13. I think its just been a down year for pop punk, but im hoping something good pops up towards the end of this year. less core more post-rock
  14. oh god yes, last release was amazing. give me that news on a new full length
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