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  1. damn this is great, did they do any more remakes? that album surprisingly holds up well considering how cheesy the concept of the album is
  2. the two singles have been fire. hype that this is early. ty!
  3. in case you dont know, this album was written to be played alongside the 2 Michelin star restaurant of the same name in cali
  4. oh shit yes. seems like punk rock is making a comeback now, I wish there were more punk releases on KL. I just checked and a lot of the stuff that Punknews posts isn't even on here
  5. wait, this is not the pray for sound that I expected. the post rock version is much better
  6. thank you! no clearance was great
  7. also, funeral for a friend. at least in the seven ways era
  8. very excited for this. heard the first single on heavy blog and the sound matched up with the artwork perfectly. im going in
  9. sounds like an arbiter b-side and that is perfect bc I still can't get enough of that album sound edit: o shit there's still 6 more minutes. edit 2: this is A1, are there any more details on a release??
  10. very very excited for this. dust and disquiet was phenomenal but was missing something compared to their peer's recent work. hoping this one has that missing link. great band
  11. links are broken, but it is on YouTube if you want to check it. the intro vocals are just so bad on this. and I loved their previous release
  12. these guys make me want to vote for Donald Trump. just shut up already, just shitting out new songs every year to stay relevant
  13. i am so hype for this. the last album was phenomenal. and now they are really trying to experiment within poppunk. the technicality is on display, vox are definitely higher in this track than by my side but im still vibing
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