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  1. damn this is good. never even heard of this band before. I think the punk rock MBA gave him a shoutout on a video?
  2. this band is so good, last release was phenomenal. thanks for posting, i would have missed it on my fb feed
  3. Vox are just completely monotonous. not promising so far. I mean, they were before but somehow it got worse
  4. I trust Rorschach judgement so ill go ahead and make the dl. single sounds fun af. how did I miss this?
  5. sounds like a demo id be surprised if this were the final cut tbh
  6. oh my god this is amazing. so much better than their last release. stinks that they wont release again since One just came out last year
  7. really liked the Saor album "Forgotten Paths"
  8. not too sure this is "post-rock" but the single is intriguing. will check
  9. the single is so good. stoked for this
  10. wow, that single is GREAT gonna wait for 320, nothing I love more than technical instrumental metal
  11. on the single, the music sounds great but the vocals arent really doing it for me. is there some variation on the album?
  12. im not really a core kinda guy, but the new MONO release was great. good return to form for the group
  13. EYEWTK is an absolute classic. yes, the lyrics are a bit cheesy but with context they make sense. i will forever love that album
  14. madman! hell yes I added that to my identity crisis album a while ago, its almost like a skate punk sound, maybe a blend between a millencolin and rise against early track
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