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  1. thanks LK, very excited for this. ready for that 320 bby
  2. im actually very confused by the reaction to this song. reddit loves it (but hated BIOMY), youtube loves it, instagram hates it, KL so far is in the middle... im also in the middle on this, mark seems quite monotone even though it seems like he is shouting. chorus is weak, but overall i do like the sound. i will definitely say with the 3 tracks so far there is quite the diversity in styles which i do applaud them on. and i wont get hung up on missing Tom, but i think there is decent potential in the album this September
  3. not great, bob also, just change that genre tag to pop now pls
  4. Been a fan since 2010 when i saw them play a warehouse show with Title Fight and Touche Amore. After On The Impossible Past came out, i thought nothing could top it. but without a doubt After The Party is their greatest work to date. Lookers would be the best first impression and the title track After The Party would be a great second. Both music videos are great.
  5. seeing a lot of hype here, time to check it out...been kinda slow so far this year tbh edit: a kiesel guitar in a pop-punk sound? im in
  6. love this sound. July 19 release date for the EP
  7. honestly really like this song. singer sounds just like tom delonge and parts of the video are just like all the small things. nice
  8. very interesting vocal delivery, is it the same guy?
  9. periphery/in her own words/illyria p good month
  10. unfortunately this ones not near as good as those two albums
  11. oh man, this has an absolute aesthetic and im loving it. its fitting in perfectly with a lot of the lo-fi beats stuff ive been seeing on insta. hell yea
  12. fuck I LOVE CHON. posting before even listening, HYPE
  13. any update on this? post says 320 but the dl link only has 128. will check back tomorrow on release day for sure
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