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  1. You could feel the emotion in the song from second one. This is something built up over years of struggle and hardship. Kind of in a similar way to As I Lay Dying's last album imo, but like, turn that up to a billion. Soooo fucking good.
  2. God this thread is degenerate.... TWA is still trying to find a new identity it seems. I don’t think they fit the old one, but don’t want to look back towards it in the way SWS did. There are some solid songs here, and Telle is great throughout, but a band is more than just a vocalist, and I think they need to figure that part out again.
  3. I've said this on each of the singles, but I think it bares repeating, these guys are fantastic, and if you're a fan of early Hands Like Houses, please give them a listen. Such a good band, and this album continues that. Solid front to back man.
  4. "I just buried Drew Barrymore" is the line of the month for me, that shit had me rolling lmao.
  5. Really like this band. This song and Wildfire are both great leadups to any new album, and the previous album is fantastic as well. Really solid band for those that liked the first couple albums from Hands Like Houses.
  6. This song is actually so dope LOL. But serious question, I thought one of the members left the group, what happened with that?
  7. Props to these guys for trying to carve new space, but this definitely isn't for me musically. The message in the video is worth talking about though, I think.
  8. Ahh makes sense. Like I said, my search was quick xD
  9. Maybe not a confirmation but a quick iTunes and google search makes me feel like this correct, her name is Seneca Pettee. No idea who she is though. a GF maybe?
  10. Still kinda surreal to me that this is actually a thing. It's so good
  11. I'm not much of a stickler for production quality, but I have a friend who pretty much has the opinion of False Idols was better but still not great in terms of production and the band has pretty much always had pretty poor production quality. I don't know if you agree with that, but figured like it was worth sharing his opinion on the matter.
  12. This is the heaviest song I can remember them doing. I liked Dark Divine a lot, and I like this song for a lot of different reasons to be honest. Solid tune.
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