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  1. I think this is the best non-heavy stuff I've heard from MIW. I've always been more partial towards MIW's more heavy stuff, but I dig a lot of the lighter songs on this album honestly. Certainly a little different, but they seem to change things up just about every album so not really a surprise. Still would've liked a little more heavy MIW because heavy MIW is so good, but I'll take what we got. It's a solid album.
  2. The production on the drums feels really weird to me... I'm not sure why though, but something feels off about it. Song's a banger though, definitely digging this a lot more than a lot of their more recent stuff. Not Iowa heavy like many have said, but it's got some punch to it, and I can get behind that.
  3. So glad these guys are making a comeback, it's inspiring to watch and shows that they truly just love music. No better attitude.
  4. A Bilmuri song and a The March Ahead song in the same week? FeelsGoodMan
  5. The song is great, but can I just say that the clip they posted on twitter drove my ocd nuts because it kept altering its form right before it looked like it would lineup? I feel the need to share this. Lmao.
  6. You can definitely tell this is from the mind behind BOO. Real, real, solid.
  7. Certainly not what I expected to see this morning. Lol. Really digging War, peace isn't bad either, but war is definitely the highlight.
  8. I didn't really care for the EP, but this album is fantastic. Cover to cover solid, pleasantly surprised for sure.
  9. It's certainly a Denis Stoff song. He's hella stuck in 2012 though, from fashion, to song writing, to the way he moves his hands like this meme It's en/10 for me
  10. First two tracks were solid to me, definitely a new identity, but still very much similar to their previous works. I look forward to this.
  11. I understand this, I am merely pointing out that it's ok if a band feels comfortable with where they at and the music they're making and growth shouldn't always be expected, not to say that I think they grew or not. It's just kinda stupid to complain about a band doing what they want to me.
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