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  1. You're not gonna like/hate everything that other people like/hate. Nothing wrong with having different opinions, contrary to popular belief on this website lol.
  2. This is definitely a Sirens & Sailors song. If you like the band you'll like this track, and I for one very much like this band. Great tune.
  3. If the first single is anything to go by, I am very excited for this record. Really cool fusion of Transit Blues and Dead Throne, as stated multiple times in the single's thread.
  4. They were a fairly popular post-hardcore band from like... 2008-2010ish. Part of the group of bands that followed in the footsteps of Attack Attack! in that era of Post Hardcore music. They had some good songs, but I was never fan of a complete album of theres.
  5. I'm ready to listen to all 6 hours of this new album! xDDD
  6. Guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and say these last two singles have gotten me interested enough to give the album a listen when it releases. Not gonna be anything special I'm sure, but it's moderately enjoyable for me at least.
  7. Shay took all the good of early OM&M and brought it to Dayshell man, this shit slaps.
  8. Sign me up for the album baby, this that GOOD good.
  9. Throwing that "but" in there like reminding you of I the Breather a bad thing man cmon xD I the Breather was dope and so is this!
  10. This that start of the decade ish. I'm with it. Thumbs up from me.
  11. Nickelback's most recent album was ironically not that bad tbh.
  12. This song cooooooooooold bruh
  13. Judging by his post count, I'd say he's a fairly new member
  14. This is right up there in terms of the albums I'm most anticipated for the rest of the year. Super stoked on this song.
  15. Alright, took me a while to actually get myself to sit down and listen to this album as I was kinda hooked on the new Fire Emblem game for the past few days but oh god is this album everything I hoped it was. From the heavier tracks like Details Matter and Vultures to the almost Low-fi feel of Sleepless. Easily one of my top 10 albums this year so far. Not gonna write out something long because everything I want to say has been said, but god is this good.
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