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  1. Oh god, so glad she is back, if y'all wondering what would it sound if Lana Del Rey was good, just listen to her, hopefully there's a new LP in the way.
  2. If you told me this is a FFAK b-side, i would believed you
  3. I was so hyped to hear something new from this band again, thanks
  4. Wow, someone really drop the ball there, a double album leaks a month in a half early, damn
  5. This is a free release, just check their bandcamp page to get the album in any quality you want
  6. But guys you all need to buy this album or this band will break up
  7. Inferi and Bleed From Within are great, the rest in this list were pretty forgettable, not a great month in my opinion. One that is not on this list that stood out for me is the new Sleep release which was great (why is this not on the list?). I was really dissapointed with the Perfect Circle album. 30 Seconds to Mars and Godsmack's releases are terrible.
  8. In a week where we have Era from BFW, this looks likes trash in comparison.
  9. This band is really talented, but i would advise everyone to go to their bandcamp page, their realeases are all for free, highly recommend their first LP to anyone who likes this
  10. I feel a decent to a strong 10 on this meme, tran...
  11. I love everything this band has put out, and their last LP has a special place in my heart because it fucking save my life, so nothing will ever top that, but this is so good, best metalcore-ish (Because there's a lot of elements of groove and melo-death, so not a pure metalcore album imo) release so far, and second best realease of the year for me, only behind of the Rivers of Nihil record.
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