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  1. the drummer is my co-worker at my side job
  2. wait is coming out oct 6 but it came out in 2015?
  3. so the album is still the same, and the singles are from it, and we are gonna get it at SOME point independently released ?
  4. so, waiting until morning (or whatever it was) is just NOT coming out and now we are getting an album called You'll Never Be Alone Again?
  5. i hate when my expectation of 'melodic hardcore' is so far from the reality
  6. good for you, but some of us appreciate the aesthetic that THIS band usually brings to the table (see specifically their last album). That being said, i do like this minimalist approach given the complexity of the last album's associated artwork. The title of the album seems to communicate a linear lyrical progression from the last album (actually the progression of lyrical content starts albums ago), which titillates me.
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