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  1. 2017 Best June Release

    Single Mothers - Our Pleasure and Head North win for me
  2. Single Mothers - Our Pleasure (2017)

    such a good record
  3. Head North - The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World (2017)

    i'm so turned on. now i just need my dial up to cooperate for an hour
  4. P-Lo - More Than Anything (2017)

  5. Emperor X - Oversleepers International (2017)

    you guys are killing it this morning
  6. Cayetana - New Kind of Normal (2017)

    Lol right after I bought it. Whatever, they deserve it
  7. With Lying Eyes - Light the Way [EP] (2017)

    aw these dudes are my friends and I'm glad they're getting exposure on KL
  8. 2017 Best January Release

    Japandroids or WATERMEDOWN
  9. WATERMEDOWN - Locks And Blinds & Stagnant [Singles] (2017)

    Yall aren't ready for this album. So proud of Jonny and how much their sound has progressed over the years.
  10. 2016 Album of the Year

    The Hotelier - Goodness