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  1. This may very well be the corniest shit said on a music forum since 2009.
  2. Really excited to give this a listen. As always, thanks for the up!
  3. Some friends of mine are in this band. They're playing their first show tonight. If anyone lives in Columbia, SC, or the surrounding areas, they're opening for Magnitude and Sect at New Brookland Tavern. $15 at doors. As always, thanks for the up!
  4. I can't get True Love's instrumental out of my head. This whole EP is so fantastic.
  5. Counterparts is the best band of all time. That isn't an opinion. That's a fact.
  6. This release fucking rules. Holding off for a 320kbps up, but I've been listening to the stream of this throughout the day. Solid release.
  7. This whole album slaps, but that Mortality Rate guest spot... Jesus.
  8. @itstakenallihave Here's the whole split!
  9. I said earlier today, "Tha Carter V is gunna suck and let a lot of people down." I was entirely wrong. This is a phenomenal release, and I wasn't much of a Wayne fan way back when. Thanks for the up, as always!
  10. Too hyped on his next release. Thanks for the up!
  11. This is definitely gunna be the soundtrack to Fall for me. The whole album is outstanding, but "Upside Down" and "Need to Know" are on repeat. As always, thanks for the up.
  12. Super underrated band. Thanks for this!
  13. I'm just curious as to how this leaked. Like, how'd the album art get found? How'd the song get found? Haha. Regardless... Thank you for the up! Song rules.
  14. I use Zippy for links I can't find on K-L. Anything I find on K-L, which is most of my downloaded music, I use PTL.
  15. The mix is kind of whack. But I'm willing to beat my grandparents up to this, so there's that. Record rips.
  16. I've been into Casey since Haze came out. Never a band I was entirely sold on... Haven't listened to their previous record in its entirety. Just front-to-back'd this, and it's an easy AOTY contender.
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