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  1. I actually really like this album. ive been a lp fan since day one basicly so ive seen them go through all their changes. and to all the people bashing them for changing so much. fucking listen to the album before you fucking judge. also they are linkin fucking park and they can do whatever the fuck they want. they are a proven band and deppending on how many people want to re buy californa this will prolly be the number 1 album this week
  2. saw these guys a few years ago with rise against. they were fucking awesome for only being 2 dudes
  3. Periscope was released as a single its up on youtube as a lyric video by the band and itunes/apple music
  4. damn why dosent papa roach just put their album out now. over half of it will be out by the time the release date comes
  5. single

    so good and 12 new songs a true deluxe edition! cant wait. and its coming out the same day as the new lp album its going to be a awesome day.
  6. The lp artwork is for the full album not the single apparently
  7. New linkin park single called heavy out feb 16th or 17th featuring a pop artist called kiiara also written by linkin park and pop song writer Emily wright
  8. about fucking time this shit was announced and given a actual release date
  9. it comes out in 2 days quality will be updated in the next 24 hours just relax dude
  10. yellowcard farewell tour november 4th

  11. waken the fallen/sounding the seventh trumpet was one sound of old and city of evil/self titled was a completely different style of old.
  12. single

    song is awesome. they always put out solid stuff. i hope this sees a itunes release in the near future
  13. i was asking which old you miss? cuz some people dont know of anything before city of evil or waken the fallen. ive known about a7x since they were a underground band and only had sounding the seventh trumpet out
  14. waken the fallen/sounding the seventh trumpet old or city of evil/self titled old?