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  1. this is solid! cant wait for the new album whenever it my be coming out
  2. They need to put on actual songs not this shit. This is one of my fave songs off of self titled. this version however sucks
  3. They released a another song like this but this time it was cty in a snow globe. Yes they changed city to cty
  4. I like it. Some of the songs and riffs and screams give off major linkin park vibes also I get some papa roach vibes with some of the lyrics. It’s def not for everyone but I dig it and will have it on repeat with some songs
  5. Why am I tagged in this? I don’t even listen. To this band
  6. I have mostly everything being released on this already but it will be nice to have mastered versions of hybrid theory ep album and xero demos
  7. The album version will be different then this. According to the band this version is for some movie soundtrack and the version on panic will be different
  8. This is number 4 the band took down bulletproof Cuz it leaked. So you have this and that song plus panic and what I get. So 4 songs
  9. This is ok but man wtf panic was so good and it’s just been downhill from there with each single. Hopefully they are keeping the better songs for release but that’s only like 5 or 6 songs since this is single number 4
  10. They totally changed this and turned it into a dubstep track and completely cut the first verse. original was better hopefully this isn’t the way they plan on going for new music
  11. 4 of the 11 songs on the album are already out on the plagues ep
  12. He did a song with tech nine back in 2015 for techs special effects album
  13. The other song is better that also released with this. He dropped 2 songs
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