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  1. This is all the music from his twitch/YouTube live streams. Who knows what he’s been working on when he’s not doing this and live streaming. I’m sure he has something he’s working on that he’s keeping under wraps.
  2. It was one of the first he did when he started doing the live streams . He did it the beginning of April
  3. the hybrid theory demo is not on this. good thing i downloaded it elsewhere and have it
  4. New album is out September 18 has 10 tracks and is called self care
  5. New ep is out September 4th called the beginning of new endings. It has 5 tracks. It’s up for pre order
  6. Its on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.
  7. Before their eyes 6 vs 7 July 24th. I know it’s not new but still it’s getting a remake touch
  8. He had some sort of contest for open door that’s why there are other people on it. The demo is better imo.
  9. This is solid. They are one of the most consistent bands out there and never disappoint.
  10. New album panic out August 28th. Up for preorder on iTunes and Apple Music. 11 tracks 36 min according to Apple Music
  11. It’s not out do you not read the comments. It got pushed to June 19th
  12. No prolly not as the release date was moved to June 19th
  13. matt confirmed yesterday there will be a deluxe version with extra tracks out at some point
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