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  1. So fucking good. Heavy as fuck. Def album of the year material!!!!
  2. This is amazing. Early leader for Album of the year. Until abr comes out
  3. this album is gonna be fire. might be their best one yet!!!!
  4. They don’t play anything off of killing with a smile anymore it seems like.
  5. this record is already so much better then lyr. all the songs are fire so far
  6. this is def a rip off of all the things she said by T.a.t.u.
  7. you seriously need to let that shit go. i dont even engage in chat anymore when you bring that shit up. saw that whole bullshit conversation you all had last night that you talked shit about me in. i dont even waste my time when you guys talk about that shit. seriously find something else and someone else to pick on its old and not fucking funny anymore. on another note its not that hard to properly rip a cd. when you rip in iTunes it actually promps you how you want to rip it. and google is a thing if you dont know how to do it correctly. i dont even listen to this band but i had to comment give that its 2020 and music ripping has been around forever now
  8. its 2020 how do people not know how to rip things in 320 or 256?? i mean itunes lets you choose how you want to rip it as. im pretty sure most programs let you choose. are people that lazy?? i havent ripped a cd since 2016 chicago open air and im pretty sure i could still do it correctly if i went out and bought a actual cd again
  9. New album is out April 3rd. And this song rules!!!!
  10. i dont get why people are complaining its just the German version of the void
  11. Supposedly this is a stand alone single and not part of and upcoming album
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