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  1. yes pray for me is already out came out last thursday night its a cover of the weekend song from the black panther sound track
  2. the single for from ashes to new is already out. been on itunes/apple music for a week already
  3. whats the other single cuz the one they have listed here is already out it came out last week
  4. The more I listen to this the better it gets about to listen to the 2 bonus songs I’ve been out all night
  5. Major major major thrice vibes with bloodlust
  6. what apple music store is this? cuz its not showing up in the usa one
  7. This is really fucking good!!! Best album in a while
  8. i have this on repeat. im going through some shit and shit hits home with me and speaks to me and is like what im going through. its giving me all the feels with my current situation for some weird reason
  9. nice to see this on here. i didnt know they were well known out side of chicago. i just saw them with story of the year 2 weeks ago
  10. holy shit this is fucking gold. so good!
  11. i dont get why they keep putting out these 3 song eps they need to release another full length
  12. this is really good. def like the rock songs. not as political as i thought it would be. the back half of the album is killer has some of the best tracks.
  13. It’s the album artwork not just for this song
  14. yeah his shit is long i love Eminem so i listen to all his stuff but i like more of recovery then i do mmlp2 i just like the singles off of mmlp2
  15. the standard version of mmlp 2 was 1 hour 19 and the standard edition of recovery is an hour 16 min the deluxe editions both are over an hour 30 min