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  1. Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

    The chorus to dress is so cheesy I just want to laugh everytime I hear it
  2. Story Of The Year - I Swear I'm Okay (Single) (2017)

    i have it and its "The Eternal Battle For Mike Cronin's Soul (To Be Alive Again)"
  3. Story Of The Year - I Swear I'm Okay (Single) (2017)

    pledges got another song
  4. Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

    why is it say its 192? according to itunes its 320
  5. Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold (2017)

    After a shitty day at work coming home too this leaking is awesome cant wait to give it a listen
  6. Foo Fighters - The Line (Single) (2017)

    So good this album is going to be amazing I can't wait to hear the track with Justin Timberlake
  7. The Used - Over & Over Again (Single) (2017)

    17 tracks the equal 1 hour 19 min of new music from the used. i cant wait!!!
  8. The Used - Over & Over Again (Single) (2017)

    the album is called the canyon out october 27th on hopeless records track list is on itunes
  9. No it's some $405 sweater available on I saw the article the other day just do a quick google search
  10. Taylor Swift is currently selling more than all of the Top 10 songs on US iTunes combined
  11. someone on forums thinks this song is about sexual assault. i dont know about that
  12. outside of kanye who else do you guys think shes dissing in this song
  13. outside of the chorus its actually a decent song. i dont get all the hate for it either but its going to end up being a massive hit regardless
  14. i have a feeling this album is going to be savage as fuck and have a ton of disses shes going to become the female version of eminem when it comes to diss tracks lol
  15. it dose its really surprising on how hard it hits. like on my headphones on the train i couldn't tell but holy shit once i got in my car and plugged in my phone