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  1. This is great actually. Definitely didn’t expect it to be an acoustic guitar based on the genre but I could see myself getting some serious work done listening to this.
  2. I wish the preview track wasn’t the 2 minute one, that was gnarly.
  3. This is genuinely a LOT more interesting than anything they’ve put out recently. This is THE single so far.
  4. Holy. Fuck. Criminally underrated. I’m an instrumetal kind of guy but I checked out the original version and I was thoroughly impressed. Insanely strong and mature sound for a debut album. I’d describe it as a more progressive Architects.
  5. Apple Music link:
  6. This shit was rad, added to my library for sure
  7. FFO Angel Vivaldi, I Built The Sky, Stephen Taranto
  8. Just checked out some of their older stuff and yeah, this shit slaps. Proper bassist, that guy.
  9. That’s some badass artwork
  10. Dude they were SO good during their time, I’m excited to give this a listen.
  11. These guys need to post this on Apple Music. Good shit.
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