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  1. That’s some badass artwork
  2. Dude they were SO good during their time, I’m excited to give this a listen.
  3. These guys need to post this on Apple Music. Good shit.
  4. Check out the new project One Decade if you haven’t already.
  5. Fucking finally! I’ve been waiting for anything new since I heard Silence the Echo.
  6. Anyone else getting an Asking Alexandria vibe from this? And that’s not necessarily insulting.
  7. I’ve been a BMTH fan since day 0 but this song has such an AA feel to it. I can’t help but compare the progression of the two. I would pay really good money to get an album similar to Coubt Your Blessings or Stand Up and Scream from both bands.
  8. iTunes link:
  9. The iTunes link is opening Spotify for me?
  10. Totally digging this! Eric’s vocals are fitting, I’m a fan. On a separate note, I really do miss Anup.
  11. Honestly I wouldn’t be nearly as interested in this if it weren’t instrumenfal but I’m an admitted instrumental slut.
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