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  1. The single is pretty catchy. I'll check this out
  2. thanks for this
  3. seriously good shit
  4. great start to the week!
  5. THX BRDSX would have totally missed this one
  6. If I can't have a new Wonder Years full length, I'll gladly take Aaron West.
  7. gucci, cocaine, and other illegal/controlled substances..
  8. The first 5 seconds had me worried that this was going to turn into the "post hardcore" that I hate, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  9. halfway through. This is ridiculously good.
  10. most anticipated release of this month!
  11. got my tickets for this tour as well. Stacked line-up!
  12. good for a fix until the next LP
  13. absolute chills on the closer.
  14. Cannot wait for this album. She is incredible!