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  1. i need more hip hop like this...
  2. been waiting for this
  3. Definitely worth a listen
  4. I voted for Charlatan, because somebody had to...
  5. endorsed!
  6. I agree on the V0. I don't own anything that I will notice an audible difference with flac.
  7. Penelope tree https://penelopetreeuk.bandcamp.com/releases a will away https://awillaway.bandcamp.com/album/bliss forester https://forester3.bandcamp.com/album/sushi-ep trash boat https://trashboatuk.bandcamp.com/ free throw https://freethrowemo.bandcamp.com/
  8. i'll take it.
  9. I was expecting to hate this album..but it's actually pretty good.
  10. this makes me sad for my hard drive.
  11. This is really good...and not 128k at all.
  12. Australia does it again...