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  1. 2017 Album Of The Year - Initial Voting

    Veil of Maya - False Idol Oceans ate Alaska - Hikari Volumes - Different Animals Adventurer - Sacred Grove Cardinals Pride - The Quiet Erosion Icarus The Owl - Rearm Circuits Wolf & Bear - Everything Is Going Grey Northlane - Mesmer Chon - Homey Sworn In - ALL SMILES
  2. Cardinals Pride - The Quiet Erosion (2017)

    I loved 'Those People Will Never Die'. Really hoping this is good even though they lost their clean vocalist.
  3. Veil of Maya - False Idol (2017)

    @Aria If a song/album can allow you to think differently and almost 'Put light on the horizon' you know that it's more than just music. I'm glad Veil allowed you to think positively. Use it as fuel to push forward and always know there are people to talk to when struggling. I came back to say how ridiculous this album is. Safe to say this is AOTY currently.
  4. Veil of Maya - False Idol (2017)

    Hard as a rock right now. Citadel is such a beauty.
  5. Veil of Maya - False Idol (Preview) (2017)

    To anyone who is debating whether to listen to the preview.... Just wait. It'll be worth it, trust me.
  6. Cardinals Pride - Marrow (Single) (2017)

    Missing the other vocalist alot. But still loving this.
  7. Veil of Maya - Doublespeak [Single] (2017)

    Jesus, this album is going to slay.
  8. Volumes - Different Animals (2017)

    Wow that was so quick. Thank you!!
  9. Volumes - Different Animals (2017)

    What the quality like? Not sure if I should wait for 320.
  10. Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership (2016)

    In all seriousness, Mothership is better than IG.
  11. Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership (2016)

    Right... it's 320 time, come on, enough joking around.
  12. Issues - Headspace (iTunes) (2016)

    This album is a 9/10 for me. It's just ridiculous. Getting rid of the Ferris brothers was the best thing they ever did. AJ is pushing ridiculous boundaries! Compression is awesome for 128 if anyone is wondering, you won't get a better sounding 128.