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  1. For such a weak deathcore year, they didn't have to go this hard to take the top spot. The envied crown this year will be metalcore
  2. I've been out of town. Hopefully mine is at home
  3. Thrashy is exactly what I was feeling. Touring with Havok/Anthrax and featuring Testament has really had a positive effect on their writing. Yet, so much of the old KsE is still here. Riffs for days. Several sing-alongs. Jesse's emotion. Adam's backing vocals. Like 3 solos. It's solid stuff. There's even 2 tracks on here with practically no clean vocals.
  4. The Signal Fire is exactly how a vocal feature should be done. None of that two lines and then done bullshit
  5. I'm crying. Incarnate was my favorite of theirs to date.
  6. And just like that I feel like I'm in high school again. Can't wait to hear the 2 they've been playing live.
  7. These guys have huge gaps in their album cycles. Excited to give this a listen
  8. I love it. I do hope this album has another anthem like 1,000,000 Watts
  9. Lyrically, this could be the best metalcore we've heard in years. Looking at you, AILD
  10. I like this as a rock single from them. I can tell it's going to grow on me. Many people have complained that all KsE do is rinse and repeat. Now y'all are complaining about a different direction.
  11. Here everyone is complaining about the music and all I want is bands to have a "build your own bundle" preorder option i.e. Slant Plant
  12. Thanks! All those editions are greatly appreciated
  13. Seeing the bands, I was intrigued. After seeing the tracklist, count me out. I'd rather Underoath do something from Erase Me
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