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  1. Honeycutt is a beast. Definitely my favorite first wave revival band
  2. Faint by Sylar would be fantastic
  3. Belch*
  4. Bicentennial man-lookin' single art
  5. *widdly-widdlies*
  6. Awesome artwork. Any tee's available?
  7. The video's decent! Also. FFAK did windbreaker-core first
  8. Brian Storm* ironically. His cleans are bad, sadly. This is a less polished version of I, Prevail.
  9. Yeah, I preferred them being a cross-genre blend. Or at least have one song with guesties to please old fans
  10. Also. Who the hell decided to cover I Can't Feel My Face which is a whole album cycle old, instead of I Feel It Coming? Idiots.
  11. Go listen to The Light of the Seven and get ready for SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY
  12. Yeah, I don't know why the artwork made me excited. I feel cheated
  13. Their first album was so loved by 15 y/o me
  14. Piercetheveil is now known as Iamtrump because LKA mentioned the banhammer