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  1. Thanks. Gonna be knockin' mops to this later
  2. I'm so glad I don't look like this
  3. There is something distinct about this single opposed to their last to LPs. I love it. Well now they need to come stateside again so I can see this bad boy live
  4. Wow. So refreshing. This could make for a very versatile album meaning that we have a sleeper AOTY on our hands.
  5. Why does that ballsack have eyes?
  6. You came back!
  7. This will be covered
  8. They're really milking this one
  9. Diet Starset
  10. This has quite a fun sound. Why has August been incredible?
  11. Wow, I love this band so much
  12. Love this. I wasn't disappointed with a single track.
  13. Honeycutt is a beast. Definitely my favorite first wave revival band
  14. Faint by Sylar would be fantastic