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  1. I have never seen young Christian guys as thirsty over a girl more than this chick
  2. After Dear Agony I was heartbroken when every member of the band was kicked out over that stupid Valora single. So glad to see them come back so strong so many years later. It'll take me months to figure out if I like this better than Phobia. Cheers
  3. Same. It's the first song I looked for when I saw the tracklist
  4. We need more effort & creativity in band names these days. Also. I did not enjoy that YouTube video
  5. So this is a long EP & not a short LP I didn't know what 7 tracks was supposed to mean
  6. My formerly angsty teenage self wants to know what the hell this is? Much respect though. Leto will never stop experimenting with whatever he gets his hands on. I believe that's been a major contributor to his success thus far
  7. 100% agree with this. They are about to tour with some huge names. Whether people are fans or not, that tour should pull huge numbers.
  8. Reminiscent of the slower stuff off of Phobia. Count me in. Very much so looking forward to this album.
  9. Pretty chill. Surprising because She-Wolf & Titanium are friggin' empowering
  10. No way!! ANOTHER band with wolf in their name
  11. Lajon is such a groovy vocalist.