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  1. After several listens, I like it. Not my first choice as a lead single, but I get why it was an Octane track. A combo of Cut Me Loose and Upraised from Incarnate. Very nice
  2. I believe the suspected track with Howard is The Signal Fire. Jesse also listened to the whole thing recently while climbing a mountain and said he wouldn't change a thing
  3. One of the best bands in the game at good cop bad cop vocals
  4. Are y'all listening to the same track as I am? Love this. I feel plenty of bounce. So much more refreshing than most deathcore. I.e. that new Enterprise Earth snooooozed
  5. Lackluster and closer to the cheese factor Aggressive was dripping with. Glad it was left off of Disease
  6. Why Wovenwar resorted to using Shane Blay and not Josh is beyond me
  7. This is solid. hope they can open for a nationwide tour & gain some traction
  8. Hey look! Avril released a worship album
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