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  1. I was going to leak it myself (actual member of the band), but I see that someone took care of it. So thanks ;D Here's the whole EP stream, so if someone wants to check it out on YT, here's your chance Thanks for giving us a listen. I am pretty proud of this record since I have done writing, recording and co-producing. I have spent countless hours making my vision of this EP come true, so I appreciate every listen, every comment and every supportive action. Streaming links below: Spotify: iTunes: Deezer: EDIT: Question to the people: Do we really sound like downtempo? I don't feel like that
  2. Thanks a lot for giving us a chance! We are releasing whole EP called Doombound on August 25th and I will be posting it here as well! Until then, here's the artwork to tease you a little bit.
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