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  1. Ok I am speechless, the whole album is so good but title track is insanely good. As a counterparts fan this is over my expectations
  2. I’m surprised. In a good way. Except the poppy songs (in the dark, medicine and mother tongue) that I cannot stand, the 2 interlude (fresh bruises and ouch) that didn’t really get me in any way, the rest of the album is really interesting, a lot electronic and experimental. I’m in love with ‘I apologise if I feel something’, good vibes and crazy production, ‘why are you gonna kick me when I’m down’, so experimental but really really we’ll done and ‘I don’t what to say’. Nihilist blues and sugar honey ice & tea are really nice as well. It could be worse
  3. C’mon guys let’s be honest this song is terrible, it’s that kind of song a 10 years old would fall in love with, it could be easily a song from One Direction. ‘Medicine’ was a pop song, this is a teen idol s**t, really really disappointed
  4. 1. Architects - Holy Hell 2. Twenty One Pilots - Trench 3. Tash Sultana - Flow State 4. Salmo - Playlist 5. Silent Planet - Where The End Began 6. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping 7. Arctic Monkeys - Tranquillity Base Hotel 8. Counterparts - Private Room (EP) 9. Underoath - Erase Me 10. Calcutta - Evergreen
  5. This is my aoty, now I'm sure. I'm totally in love with it. It's really hard to pick a favorite cause I like basically the whole album, I'd say: 1) Hereafter, Doomsday, Mortal after all, A wasted hymn 2) Death is not defeat, Modern Misery, The seventh circle, Holy Hell 3) Royal beggars, Dying to heal 4) Damnation
  6. Fantastico! This is really really good Italian rap, I suggest to check it out even if you don’t understand the lyrics
  7. It sounds already really different after the third listening, the guitar work and the production are just amazing, the best i’ve heard from Architects, and Sam is just out of this world, over every expectation. Just give it more than one chance, maybe is the best album by architects yet, the most complete and various for sure.
  8. I think they didn't top all our gods but still it's a beautiful album, hereafter and doomsday are maybe the best ones along with death is not defeat and the title track, And then the last's a really really good closure. I'm still not in love with it but it's just the first listening I think it will grow in me. I can feel the lack of Tom in the writing process, now I can tell even more the genius that he was. It's really heavy, melodic and electronic. My main fear was that it could sound too similar to all our gods but it's not. Great work from my favorite band
  9. Oh god i’m not gonna wait tonight when I’ll be home, I need it now
  10. The official video, lyrics and better quality made me quite change my mind, it’s a really good song, totally in love with the message behind it.
  11. I agree with most of what people is saying, it’s a good song, the weakest single until now. Hopefully ‘hereafter’ isn’t the best song on the album and they kept some surprise or really good songs, otherwise it’s gonna be really hard to beat all our gods...but I still have hope
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