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  1. Another quality jam from While She Sleeps. You Are We was my first introduction to While She Sleeps then So What was my album of the year this year. This song, though a little softer, falls in line with those albums. Their older albums are a bit heavier and more raw but the sound isn't night and day. Comparing these guys to BMTH is a huge stretch. Voice tone wise I hear some BFMV influence but the song as a whole... no way. Considering So What isn't even a year old... really curious if this was a B-Side or part of something new.
  2. When we start comparing A Day To Remember to Memphis May Fire we know they are going downhill.
  3. Gideon did this album cover first.
  4. This is how you mix slight nu-metal sound with your current deathcore sound without sounding like shit. Well done.
  5. This song started really fucking slow but got much better as it went on. I agree, still not as good as anything else they've done but I'm holding out hope. Hoping for a little less cleans on future songs.
  6. You sound like me. I guess I gotta give this a shot.
  7. Thank you for reminding me of how good the song Movies is.
  8. Another classic from the GOAT. Production as always is through the roof. So much fun to listen to.
  9. Which is why we are all here... but you dont have to state it multiple times in a thread and quote other members who have a positive comment. We get it you don't like it.
  10. I'm probably biased as well but I don't understand the hate either. This was such a fun listen for me. So many twists and turns it keeps you on your toes in a great way. It's the Gideon sound with a nu-metal flare. It's definitely different for them but every song has aspects that the usual Gideon fan will enjoy. Not to mention the musicianship is pretty wild. Gideon are one of the few bands (that im aware of) that record their drums last and you can really tell how that benefits them. Overall its a refreshing and refined sound that doesnt stray too far from what they are known for: 8.5/10 Highlights: Life Without, Out of Control, Denial, Southwind Lowlights (barely): 2 Close and the 2 interludes. Do you just troll threads of albums you don't like and make fun of people that enjoy it?
  11. Anyone who has ever heard Varials before were not expecting every song to sound like Romance or Love Machine.
  12. This is everything i've wanted and more. You can definitely hear the DL influence in alot of the riffs. I hope these guys continue to put out more music.
  13. I actually fuck with this. It's a bit monotonous but the 90s vibes make me feel like i'm listening to Limp Bizkit on my Sony Walkmen.
  14. Stoked these guys went back to their old form. These songs aren't my favorite so far but the potential is there
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