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  1. As someone who has been a fan from almost the beginning... this album is a huge disappointment. It literally sounds like a bunch of Parkway Drive b-sides. Even the songs you can tell they tried to make heavy are boring and repetitive. It's just a bummer because i know these guys are capable of better. If I have to pick any bright spots, i'd say Vendetta, Louder Voice is OK, and Prophet was saved by that heavy breakdown. Also, the tone and production is really well done. Unfortunately, this album won't have much staying power for me.
  2. Not bad... not great. Enjoy it for the most part besides the Parkway Drive-ish chorus riff.
  3. Taproot have one of the better Nu-metal discographies. Whats the deal with this track? Just an old b-side?
  4. Glad to see these guys haven't missed a beat with the new singer. Hoping for more activity out of them!
  5. Alot of not-so-great reviews on this. About to give it a spin... i hope im not disappointed!
  6. Wow, so this is the third version of Open Water 😂
  7. what about Open Water which was on the deluxe version of Helix? this is a bit different than most re-releases I think. Not many people ( especially in the states) have ever heard these songs before or knew they existed.
  8. So I think this is really well done but i'm a bit disappointed. I guess disappointed isn't the right word... but you can really tell how old these songs are. The quality and production is great but some of the musicianship is lacking a bit. That being said there are alot of fire riffs and breakdowns on this... I'll keep spinning it forsure.
  9. Branden Morgan. I sir, am an idiot.
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