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  1. Yea whats the story behind this song? New? B-Side? Either way lets get it! I don't really listen to much music like them anymore but will always have a soft spot for them.
  2. Wow Brain Pain might be one of the better Four Year Strong songs I've heard in a while. Pleasant surprise.
  3. Lets hope so. They typically have a few songs that sound like this. Interesting choice for first single.
  4. I hope you are right obviously. This is clearly all speculation. I would think IF CJ wrote these lyrics he would have a good case in court to still get royalties. Seems easier to just give him his cut than deal with quickly finding a new vocalist/money it would take to re-work vocals on the album/hit the band would take delaying the album further/avoid lawsuits. Either way, if he does see any money from this release, it will be very little.
  5. Apparently hardcore bands idea of "trying something new" is writing songs that sound like Deftones.
  6. I would assume CJ will still see royalties for using his voice/lyrics. Royalties for a band like this isn't much... so it likely wasn't worth the price it would cost to re-write/re-record vocals for the album and delay the album even further. Give CJ his pennies and move on.
  7. I loved their previous album but these first two singles aren't doing much for me. Not really digging the hectic ETID vibes on this track... and the chorus on Masochist didnt do much for me. Oh well, Still hype to hear the full album.
  8. Can we just go ahead and delete this post
  9. As a huge The Acacia Strain fan i'll always enjoy everything they do... however, I wish this had more of their "core" side. A couple breakdowns, two-steps, or some chug riffs would have made this perfect. Overall, the production, musicianship, and vocals are fantastic. I can see this opening doors to get some new fans.
  10. Another quality jam from While She Sleeps. You Are We was my first introduction to While She Sleeps then So What was my album of the year this year. This song, though a little softer, falls in line with those albums. Their older albums are a bit heavier and more raw but the sound isn't night and day. Comparing these guys to BMTH is a huge stretch. Voice tone wise I hear some BFMV influence but the song as a whole... no way. Considering So What isn't even a year old... really curious if this was a B-Side or part of something new.
  11. When we start comparing A Day To Remember to Memphis May Fire we know they are going downhill.
  12. Gideon did this album cover first.
  13. This is how you mix slight nu-metal sound with your current deathcore sound without sounding like shit. Well done.
  14. This song started really fucking slow but got much better as it went on. I agree, still not as good as anything else they've done but I'm holding out hope. Hoping for a little less cleans on future songs.
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