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  1. Same haha. They have some live photos of a guy playing a standing 4 string. Their facebook says Rob Lowerman Guitar/Cello
  2. Is that a fucking stand up bass or violin?!
  3. Thank you! Wanted to check these guys out and Facebook seemed the easiest way. You're the man.
  4. So i've basically decided i'm not that big of a Tool fan. Yea, they have a few bangers back in the day but for the most part the songs are just way too long and monotonous.
  5. Way too much electronic stuff going on for me. It almost drowns everything out. I want to like Northlane but this will be another release I'll pass on.
  6. Static-X walked so Northlane could fly
  7. He does have some crazy word play sometimes. I fuck with E-40
  8. Holy Shit this sounds like Static-X and I love it. RIP Wayne Static
  9. I can't tell if this slaps or if its cringe
  10. Oh fuck Angela Mazzanti got on the album cover. Fire
  11. Letting all the christian kids know they are still swearing lol
  12. This band does no wrong in my opinion. Another banger from the boys Chorus is catchy as fuck. Their drummer is one of the best in the scene. Love the jazzy ghost notes and cymbal accents he incorporates. The breakdowns slap per usual. 9/10
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