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  1. These guys can't wait to do this full time
  2. Divination is indeed their best album and what got me into this band. I still like this more than ARK though!
  3. Just checked this Horizons FB page and it says they are from UK. The Original Horizons were Canadian I believe. Bummer. I really loved that old Horizons EP growing up
  4. Assuming this isn't the OG Horizons who put out "Its all worth reaching for" years ago
  5. I'd recommend checking out Of Malice, Mirrors or Controller. I kind of get the ABR comparison on this track.... but a majority of their songs dont compare IMO
  6. These songs haven't been bad. I wish the production was better though. I think it would really perk the songs up a bit.
  7. Ok. I absolutely love this. Yes, it isn't their heaviest song but this was everything i've missed from this band. The nostalgia is real with this one. No one can do melodic metalcore like these guys in my opinion.
  8. Don't yell at me.... but this kinda sounds like alot of other Volumes songs. Not too mad because it does indeed slap. Just getting a bit monotonous
  9. Is that the Waking The Fallen font?
  10. Ah an album of my childhood. I still remember the shotgun breakdown blowing my freaking mind when I was like 15.
  11. I was just thinking about renting this. Thank you!!
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