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  1. Really wish I could get into BB but the vocals just don't do it for me. The music on this is top notch though.
  2. Like mentioned above, every Sevendust album has a song or two like this... and it's still so catchy and well written. 2/2 on the singles so far for me.
  3. This is great. Really reminds me of their earlier stuff. The "Set Me Free" chorus got a little repetitive for me but other than that it rips.
  4. Are those re-recordings of Dark Shadows and Forsaken Horizon? That would be amazing.
  5. I'm not even gonna listen to this because I'm sure i'll hate it. I just wanted to laugh at that release date.
  6. I've found alot of these guys newer stuff to be a bit slow and boring.. but this sing was really good. The cleans sound great. Also, are these guys still called Dream On Dreamer then?
  7. This is definitely Incubus 2.0. I like it though.
  8. I feel like this could be a B-Side like Devils Calling. Just doesn't do much for me.
  9. Damn, when did they change their name? Either way, looking forward to this.
  10. Enjoying this more and more as I give it some listens.
  11. 20 years and still churning out quality bangers. Excited for this release.
  12. Cleans are different but I like this a lot. Sounds more like Caliban and is much better than the first single. Chorus has some While She Sleeps vibes.
  13. This is dope. I'll like these guys even more if they got their name from My Last Serenade.
  14. I would be thrilled if he left FFAK. His vocals are the only thing I don't like about Fit