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  1. Discourse is Dead is the only song I think I'm digging so far. Lets see what happens,
  2. I should have a rip of the live stream later today if anyone is interested shoot me a message!
  3. Not that I'm aware but there needs to be!
  4. I thought this was the same dude who sang Ram Ranch
  5. Not sure but i've personally submitted the In Hearts Wake and Volumes streams and neither were posted for that reason.
  6. 0/2 for me. This is disappointing. Most likely not. KL only post official releases
  7. Can't have melodic hardcore without the hardcore
  8. Not to mention the blueprints on the cover
  9. Definitely better than most of their recent output. But, someone nailed it, this sounds like a Blueprints b-side. Which is sad because i would rather them keep going in this direction.
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