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  1. Man this is so fucking good but I'll love anything Kanye does. If you like his older stuff this album is a pretty good mix of everything he's done. If Ghost Town is any indication of what Kid Sees Ghost will be like.. we aren't ready.
  2. Apparently Kanye took the photo on his Iphone right before he put the album out haha Dropped 85K for Pusha T's album cover and used an iphone photo for his lol
  3. That verse riff is tasty. Another solid banger from FFAK
  4. Kanye with the GOAT production
  5. Man at first I thought that said Full DEVIL Jacket
  6. Everyone seems be pointing out a different track as their favorite. Thats always a good sign. CAn't wait to listen
  7. He's trolling people just like you lmao. I love it.
  8. He's just getting attention for his upcoming albums. He did it before Pablo also
  9. I personally love Kill The Flaw also. The song Chop is a banger
  10. For some reason I had a feeling there would be a new Sevendust song today. 3/3 on singles so far for me. Really looking forward to this one