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  1. I'll never understand how people listen to this.
  2. Except for the Corey Taylor part right?
  3. I had no idea these guys were back together. I'll take it.
  4. All of these newer songs/videos are starting to sound and look exactly the same.
  5. This is different for these guys. I like it though.
  6. Pretty damn good song. Can't wait for legit quality. Also really like the old school album cover
  7. One of my favorite albums of all time.
  8. I haven't downloaded the album but just checked out the video... I don't remember these guys being that heavy? Question: Is this album more of the heavy stuff or more of that middle jazzy section?
  9. Naw we dont like them albums either.
  10. Finally got around to listening to this... and wow what a let down. I actually liked Lifelines but this album is a straight snoozefest. Thought it had some catchy parts but is not heavy at all and way too electronic/pop. Sounds like an album from Hollywood Undead or something. 2/10
  11. You are correct. Until someone comes out with a better version... then your statement doesn't really apply.
  12. Whens the official release of this? Wasnt a fan at first until the riffs actually kicked in. Not a bad catchy tune.
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