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  1. These new songs are a big letdown for me.
  2. Could never get into these guys because of the cleans. This song is no exception. Verse is cool though.
  3. The Stage isn't even a year old yet
  4. Man, I like this but I hope this isn't what the whole album is like.
  5. I'm with you on that. I liked all their other stuff but I could see how only having two members now can change their sound.
  6. They just got back together. I think theres only two guys in the band now
  7. Staying with the creepy vibe they had on their last release. I dig it
  8. For a second I thought Riff Raff started making metalcore music
  9. Was hoping this would be a little more pukey
  10. This is pretty tasty so far. Chad Ruhlig makes every song he does sound so much heavier.
  11. Ya'll cant sleep on their debut album Prophets though. At the time everyone knew these guys were gonna be great.
  12. Now that the suspense is gone we have nothing to look forward to...
  13. I will always love these guys
  14. I saw these guys open for Architects.. and I swear the singer yelled woogity wooogity woogity during a breakdown.
  15. Man, I love that opening track. WOOF