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  1. I will always love these guys
  2. I saw these guys open for Architects.. and I swear the singer yelled woogity wooogity woogity during a breakdown.
  3. Man, I love that opening track. WOOF
  4. All of these Punk Goes albums are trash. It seems most of the bands hardly even put any effort in
  5. Not as good as Nickelback
  6. Counterparts titles only being 1 word always confuses me.
  7. Reminds me of Exotype
  8. Glad I checked this out. Pretty tasty
  9. I actually enjoy a lot of pop music and this is just not good
  10. I concur
  11. Machines, Scape Goat, Watch Me Sink, and Walk Alone would have to be my favorites. Honestly not a bad song on the album though.
  12. This is a must download
  13. PRAISE YEEZUS! Thank you
  14. single

    I actually really preferred Cover over Anthony, so I'm pretty excited at how much I like this.