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  1. The breakdown in Social Star was so heavy I actually started laughing
  2. Extremely solid, deserves more hype behind it
  3. Thought they couldn't top "Crooked Soul" but I've been proven wrong. This is too good.
  4. Also, everyone throwing this up as deathcore AOTY is sleeping HARD on Enterprise Earth
  5. Hot take: Reclaimer > this Hoping that more listens might change that. This album is still sick, don’t get me wrong.
  6. This is their third album. Agreed that they just keep getting better though.
  7. What country are you in? I'm on iTunes right now and there are 1:30 previews for every song - same as yesterday. Just head to the Melancholy album page and they are all there.
  8. Yeah, how the heck is everyone else getting access to this? The files posted are broken lol
  9. The ZIP files are empty for me, on both hosts. @Lord Rorschach any chance you could double check? Could just be on my end.
  10. An absolute classic. These guys self-leaking this was one of the best stories from back in the day. Big thanks for posting. "Death Wish" still goes so hard.
  11. 1. Astralia - Solstice 2. Ojne - Prima Che Tutto Bruci 3. Leveless - Remind|Replace|Expire|Erase 4. Blak - Between Darkness and Light 5. Anteros - Cuerpos Celestes 6. Blis. - No One Loves You 7. Eidola - To Speak, To Listen 8. Lesser Men - Biding Time 9. Ghost Key - If I Don't Make It 10. Father Mountain - Apartment Living
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