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  1. I wish Filecrypt was around back in the day when I was a mod, its such a cool service that would've benefited us a lot then. Sincerest thanks from me.

    One listen, gotta be AOTY, there isn't any other AOTYs out there. Not even Sat II is AOTY
  3. Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist (Single) (2017)

    Joyner really nails his longer songs, his best works generally follow a narrative like this one. He's going interesting directions, as usual, great to see. Few rappers out there with both as much hype and potential as he has.
  4. Glassjaw - Material Control (2017)

    I found it starts off a little slow with the singles, but the real meat comes with track 4 and then it doesn't let up at all. Probable top 10 first listen.
  5. Zealous - Say What You Mean (Single) (2017)

    For fans of those juicy, juicy strings
  6. Eric Victorino - Wake up, I Miss You (2017)

    If you aren't familiar, this is the singer from Downside/Strata. They recently reformed and hopefully will be putting out some material...someday. For now, check this one out.
  7. Spiritbox - Spiritbox (2017)

    Those last two IWABO albums were leagues above the rest of their stuff, this sort of spiritually continues with that trend. However, this is djeny and groovy and juicyt, so it's essentially automatically better.
  8. Frail Hands - S/T (2017)

    Urgent and immediate, with excellent depth and layering to it. I could listen to this three times over (helps that it's only 16 minutes).
  9. letlive. - If I'm the Devil... (2016)

    I'm sort of in the same boat in that it has certainly grown on me, I still think the songwriting is less dynamic than I expect from letlive. and that the energy is not there at times, but some tracks on here (Who You Are Not, I've Learned To Love Myself, If I'm the Devil...) keep me coming back. Overall, though, I'd still rank it as my least favorite of their LPs.

    Blows Saturation out of the water. In just, what, two months they show incredible development and direction. They're really already living up to their potential.
  11. MyChildren MyBride - Thorns (Single) [2017]

    I would agree that the tangibles aren't necessarily the most impressive, but it's effective at creating a generally hopeless atmosphere. It's decently heavy without having to do too much. I'm pretty pleased with its sound.
  12. Brand New - Science Fiction (2017)

    I would say that this is really the only legitimate contender for AOTY that I've heard thus far. I'm not going to say it's their best on only two listens, but certainly their most mature and sprawling. Really an incredible effort that I wasn't really expecting to ever actually come out.
  13. Caligula's Horse - Bloom (2015)

    Great move posting this to precede the new album. Anyone that missed this hype train in 2015 can join it now and never look back.
  14. Milo - Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! (2017)

    I wasn't sure you'd post this! Milo is definitely in my top 5 artists right now (and for the last three years really) and I've been excited for this one since its announcement. Thank you my Lord
  15. Various Artists - Metal Hammer Goes 90's (2017)

    Cult of Luna does Smashing Pumpkins? sign me up
  16. 2017 Best July Release

    The new Tyler, the Creator is pretty much a head above everything else I've heard from this month
  17. The Wonder Years - There, There (Acoustic) [Single] (2017)

    the boney king of nowhere
  18. The Kindred - Weight (2017)

    Track for track, one of the best releases I've heard from this year. Every moment is rich and intense. It doesn't take any breaks and gets the message across. I liked the old sound a lot, but this is such a step up even so.
  19. The Kindred - Weight (2017)

    oh shit I didn't realize anything else would ever come out
  20. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory (2017)

    One of the top rap albums of the year. Vince comes up so big almost every time (even the Prima Donna EP, which I wasn't a huge fan of, had its own interesting styles and ideas) so I shouldn't be surprised. Crabs in a Bucket is definitely my favorite track.
  21. Siamese - Shameless (Japanese Edition) (2017)

    Tunnelvision sounds like Issues without the cringe factor. I'll be checking this out for sure.
  22. Swans - Deliquescence (2017)

    I was looking for this the other day, thanks for the upload my friend. Got a couple live-only tracks on it.
  23. maybe its just cause I'm a Sun Kil Moon stan but I think this is a solid collab, like Jesu does slowcore featuring Mark. Needles Disney might be Mark's best story since Carissa, and though its overly long its diverse and interesting enough to capture my attention. It has its limitations, but it's more effective than their first collab (which itself was good in its own right).
  24. Nostalgia Month

    Seems like a fun idea that would get a lot of members particularly involved. Interested to see what people might bring up that I haven't thought about in 4-5 years.
  25. While I certainly have no personal use for FLAC, it's an excellent option for those who notice the difference between 320 and FLAC (Where i can't tell the difference between v0 and 320 myself) so technically I won't be using the option I think it's very cool for our users.