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  1. XXXTENTACION - Sad! / Changes (Singles) (2018)

    I wish XXXT was not a horrible person because I really love his stuff like this
  2. Probably his best Scallops work since Plain Speaking - Sedans and Private Temple Hours had me going in particular. Worth a look if you like his beatcrafting, of which there is plenty and excellence
  3. Eidola - To Speak, to Listen (2017)

    This was my biggest issue with the album. Yeah, it's well done and all, but I literally thought they had Tilian on guest vocals for the first track. I found their earlier work to be more engaging and more unique.
  4. 2017 Album Of The Year - Initial Voting

    How about a top 50 because I have edited my statement, 2 edgy. Every year, I expect to go into Album of the Year season stunned by the sheer number of excellent picks from other lists and websites, picking and choosing the best of the best only to end up filtering out many 8+/10 albums. That was not exactly the case this year. Maybe it's reflective of 2017 on the whole, but I felt like the general quality of music releases this year was not quite up to par with the last few years that I've done the list. It took until mid-December for an AOTY candidate to release that separated itself in some way from the pack. It seemed I could take a totally random pick off of RYM and it would belong on the list immediately as the competition wasn't as intense as I had been used to. 50. Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & James McAlister - Planetarium 49. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Always Foreign 48. Weekly Words and Grammar - Twenty Years of Snow 47. Northlane - Mesmer 46. Jesu & Sun Kil Moon - 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth 45. Code Orange - Forever 44. Spiritbox - Spiritbox 43. A Lot Like Birds - Divisi 42. The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody 41. Eric Victorino - Wake Up, I Miss You 40. XXXTentacion - 17 39. Dark Rooms - Distraction Sickness 38. Nocando - King Snake 37. Planning For Burial - Below the House 36. Street Sects - Rat Jacket 35. White Moth Black Butterfly - Atone 34. ‘68 - Two Parts Viper 33. Protomartyr - Relatives in Descent 32. Ketha - 0 Hours Starlight 31. Colin Stetson - All This I Do for Glory 30. Oxbow - Thin Black Duke 29. Spotlights - Seismic 28. Milo - Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! 27. SikTh - The Future in Whose Eyes? 26. The National - Sleep Well Beast 25. Nullingroots - Into the Gray 24. Cloakroom - Time Well 23. Blanck Mass - World Eater 22. Amenra - Mass VI 21. Elder - Reflections of a Floating World 20. Rosetta - Utopoid 19. Converge - The Dusk in Us 18. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me 17. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant 16. Glassjaw - Material Control 15. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory 14. Jaden Smith - Syre 13. Caligula's Horse - In Contact 12. Fleet Foxes - The Crack-Up 11. Kendrick Lamar - Damn 10. Brockhampton - Saturation 9. Mathew Lee Cothran - Judas Hung Himself in America 8. Open Mike Eagle - Brick Body Kids Still Daydream 7. Slowdive - Slowdive 6. Nocando - Severed 5. Sixo - The Odds of Free Will 4. Brockhampton - Saturation II 3. Tyler, the Creator: Flower Boy 2. Brand New - Science Fiction 1. Brockhampton - Saturation III Without Brockhampton, I would've likely been left stranded as far as Album of the Year goes. Putting three albums from the same artist in the top ten is without precedent for me, let alone three albums released in six months. Each iteration of Saturation represented an improvement over the rest, culminating in what I needed to be AOTY: Saturation III. 2017 wasn't really a bad year in music or even necessarily a bad year overall, but nonetheless fell somewhat short of my expectations. Any of the top 10 from last year could've competed effectively with this year's picks. Godspeed. Our next steps forward are critical.
  5. Travis Scott & Quavo - Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (2017)

    Love Steadman's work, I'm reading Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail in '72 right now and this artwork could slot right in with like Nixon and Agnew featured. Gets me hype to listen.

    I've listened quite a few times, gotta say it definitely is AOTY for me. This group has impressed me beyond belief; I wasn't quite feeling Saturation when it first dropped, outside of HEAT. Incredible progression in 7 months.
  7. I wish Filecrypt was around back in the day when I was a mod, its such a cool service that would've benefited us a lot then. Sincerest thanks from me.

    One listen, gotta be AOTY, there isn't any other AOTYs out there. Not even Sat II is AOTY
  9. Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist (Single) (2017)

    Joyner really nails his longer songs, his best works generally follow a narrative like this one. He's going interesting directions, as usual, great to see. Few rappers out there with both as much hype and potential as he has.
  10. Glassjaw - Material Control (2017)

    I found it starts off a little slow with the singles, but the real meat comes with track 4 and then it doesn't let up at all. Probable top 10 first listen.
  11. Zealous - Say What You Mean (Single) (2017)

    For fans of those juicy, juicy strings
  12. Eric Victorino - Wake up, I Miss You (2017)

    If you aren't familiar, this is the singer from Downside/Strata. They recently reformed and hopefully will be putting out some material...someday. For now, check this one out.
  13. Spiritbox - Spiritbox (2017)

    Those last two IWABO albums were leagues above the rest of their stuff, this sort of spiritually continues with that trend. However, this is djeny and groovy and juicyt, so it's essentially automatically better.
  14. Frail Hands - S/T (2017)

    Urgent and immediate, with excellent depth and layering to it. I could listen to this three times over (helps that it's only 16 minutes).
  15. letlive. - If I'm the Devil... (2016)

    I'm sort of in the same boat in that it has certainly grown on me, I still think the songwriting is less dynamic than I expect from letlive. and that the energy is not there at times, but some tracks on here (Who You Are Not, I've Learned To Love Myself, If I'm the Devil...) keep me coming back. Overall, though, I'd still rank it as my least favorite of their LPs.

    Blows Saturation out of the water. In just, what, two months they show incredible development and direction. They're really already living up to their potential.
  17. MyChildren MyBride - Thorns (Single) [2017]

    I would agree that the tangibles aren't necessarily the most impressive, but it's effective at creating a generally hopeless atmosphere. It's decently heavy without having to do too much. I'm pretty pleased with its sound.
  18. Brand New - Science Fiction (2017)

    I would say that this is really the only legitimate contender for AOTY that I've heard thus far. I'm not going to say it's their best on only two listens, but certainly their most mature and sprawling. Really an incredible effort that I wasn't really expecting to ever actually come out.
  19. Caligula's Horse - Bloom (2015)

    Great move posting this to precede the new album. Anyone that missed this hype train in 2015 can join it now and never look back.
  20. Milo - Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! (2017)

    I wasn't sure you'd post this! Milo is definitely in my top 5 artists right now (and for the last three years really) and I've been excited for this one since its announcement. Thank you my Lord
  21. Various Artists - Metal Hammer Goes 90's (2017)

    Cult of Luna does Smashing Pumpkins? sign me up
  22. 2017 Best July Release

    The new Tyler, the Creator is pretty much a head above everything else I've heard from this month
  23. The Wonder Years - There, There (Acoustic) [Single] (2017)

    the boney king of nowhere
  24. The Kindred - Weight (2017)

    Track for track, one of the best releases I've heard from this year. Every moment is rich and intense. It doesn't take any breaks and gets the message across. I liked the old sound a lot, but this is such a step up even so.
  25. The Kindred - Weight (2017)

    oh shit I didn't realize anything else would ever come out