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  1. After a few careful (okay, more like three with a couple more less careful) listens to this one, I must say it's a grower. A lot of what's going on is reminiscent of some of the melodic highlights of the peak Swancore days with better arrangements and sense of overall sound. It likely will hold a place on my end of the year list, which was not my expectation on my first listen.
  2. One of those AOTY sleeper picks. A little top heavy, but that first track convinces you of the quality contained within.
  3. Found this group by chance over bandcamp last week. Fantastic to see such excellence posted here.
  4. Trust us, there are four of us in here, Mark. We're leaving.
  5. Rubs on the skin with a thick, smooth, glossy shine. Moisturizes and exfoliates. Wash off with a cotton cloth. Years taken off your face. You're young again. Go get 'em.
  6. Definitely the spiritual successor to T&Y (Mural Jr. for example), which is a major plus for my purposes. It's overly long, but that's not to say there aren't 98 mins worth of quality ideas. It's the kind of album you split into sessions.
  7. I am grateful for your service. Safari Al said this would be the final Milo album. I wonder if it's all Scallops from here on out.
  8. Thanks for the post, these guys are local for me. Loved their last LP, hope this is as good. Jimmy Howell is a fantastic guitar player/composer
  9. Just one of those albums you have to check out and dig through
  10. At the very least, it's a great album to put on while you're playing Burnout Paradise. It begins and ends strong, but there are some tracks near the middle that aren't as strong. Hard to really get a feel on this one after one listen, but it's definitely worth that much of your time.
  11. While the short length had me fiending for more, it's refreshing to get an album of this caliber that goes against the grain of rap albums' tendency to say all they have to say but keep talking regardless. Instead, we get a tight, focused product. Incredibly polished. King Push is by no means in my top 5, but he brings it on this one. Kanye shines on production, needless to say.
  12. Great upload, I kept forgetting to look around for that first EP. These lads are absolute legends of alternative rock.
  13. I can't name a band that goes harder than they do. Absolute chills every time I listen to them.
  14. Really the album I've been hoping they'd make since I first heard them.
  15. Impressive that they haven't lost a step. Some of the grooviest stuff this side of the River Styx.
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