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  1. Track for track, one of the best releases I've heard from this year. Every moment is rich and intense. It doesn't take any breaks and gets the message across. I liked the old sound a lot, but this is such a step up even so.
  2. oh shit I didn't realize anything else would ever come out
  3. One of the top rap albums of the year. Vince comes up so big almost every time (even the Prima Donna EP, which I wasn't a huge fan of, had its own interesting styles and ideas) so I shouldn't be surprised. Crabs in a Bucket is definitely my favorite track.
  4. Tunnelvision sounds like Issues without the cringe factor. I'll be checking this out for sure.
  5. I was looking for this the other day, thanks for the upload my friend. Got a couple live-only tracks on it.
  6. maybe its just cause I'm a Sun Kil Moon stan but I think this is a solid collab, like Jesu does slowcore featuring Mark. Needles Disney might be Mark's best story since Carissa, and though its overly long its diverse and interesting enough to capture my attention. It has its limitations, but it's more effective than their first collab (which itself was good in its own right).
  7. Seems like a fun idea that would get a lot of members particularly involved. Interested to see what people might bring up that I haven't thought about in 4-5 years.
  8. While I certainly have no personal use for FLAC, it's an excellent option for those who notice the difference between 320 and FLAC (Where i can't tell the difference between v0 and 320 myself) so technically I won't be using the option I think it's very cool for our users.
  9. I only do it so you can tell me that. I love that accent more than most things in the world
  10. I gotta say I understand the general gripes about bad art, though it's certainly not the main focus of any work. At least for me, the art work provides an objective correlative, so to speak, for the music on the whole. It certainly affects the tone and the atmosphere in certain ways that's hard to explain if you don't feel the same way. I think some people are more visual when it comes to their music listening, whereas others completely separate the music and art. It's certainly more of a taste thing than anything.
  11. Been anticipating this one, their last album is one I listen to quite periodically but always dig.
  12. At least it's shorter than the other Sun Kil Moon album from this year (A great album in its own right if split into 3rds)
  13. You know I never thought of the Iran-Contra Affair in such a light, this album really makes you think about the level of corruption that we usually never see.