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  1. There's some interesting cognitive dissonance going on this this one. From the cover art to the genres, I was not prepared for what I am hearing.
  2. This has been incredibly hard to find for some reason. Based.
  3. Definitely check this one out, also has some skramz flavor in there a bit.
  4. where is my kiss reaction, staff? I need to properly express my feelings
  5. Their 2017 album Twenty Years of Snow was actually great. They seem to go back and forth between meme and actual artist.
  6. The first year of the Arizona Operation has concluded. I have not abandoned my post. My yearly report is as follows. 50-11 are in the spoiler tag. 10. Tyler, the Creator - Igor 9. Black Midi - Schlagenheim 8. Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean 7. Billy Woods & Kenny Segal - Hiding Places 6. Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell! 5. Kim Gordon - No Home Record 4. Have a Nice Life - Sea of Worry 3. The Appleseed Cast - The Fleeting Light of Impermanence 2. (Sandy) Alex G - House of Sugar 1. American Football - American Football In terms of album quality, this year was more in line with 2017 than 2018, but there is always excellence to be found if you know where to look. American Football's third self-titled album was both a Tucson album and a Phoenix album, which has its own personal significance. It'll help put your mind on the mend.
  7. This is that 11th hour, list-breaking, worth checking out just to ruin your own life and well being kind of album. A lot of intensity.
  8. Give this one a shot to sneak into your list. It's hypnotic and compelling.
  9. This album is what an AOTY candidate looks like, gentlemen. Gretel sounds like it's off the goddamn Super Mario 64 soundtrack. Full of surprising passages.
  10. Not too much of them, there is some middle-ground in the aforementioned Sex Tape, some spoken word on the closer, but I would say the vocals often take a back seat to whatever else is going on (they have a goddamned organ on some of these tracks).
  11. Some serious groove to these tracks, with a lot of genre-bending - Sex Tape could pass for a grunge song, for example. Much more going on than is found in your run-of-the-mill post-hardcore album.
  12. Not every track necessarily knocks it out of the park, but on the whole this release is great, excellent vocal performances. Insomnia is a particular gem.
  13. I thought separating them helped to keep the front page cleaner. I know it was reported it was tough on mobile to visit the singles section, so this vote may come down to computer users vs. phone/tablet users.
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