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  1. I'm still not sure of the degree to which I prefer this direction where he's biting MIKE's style a decent amount, but Earl overall remains the sultan of sad raps.
  2. It's gotta be that new Swans, gentlemen.
  3. Not sure that it's quite up to the lofty standards of 2016's Triangle, but it's still incredibly dynamic and worth a long look.
  4. Closer to The Unnatural World than Deathconsciousness but the production is (relatively) cleaner and the ideas seem clearer and more fleshed out. We truly may be looking at AOTY 2019 boyz. Choo choo.
  5. Always find myself coming back to this one. Hope the new one is comparable after a long break.
  6. it's funny because it's actually been announced
  7. This album sort of fills that KEN Mode-shaped hole in this year's releases. Great stuff.
  8. I was worried we wouldn't have our "bleached asshole" level quotable lyrics on this one, then I heard Closed on Sundays. The production certainly has some gems. It's like TLOP-lite.
  9. It's number 1 in current trending leaks for a reason, lads. Don't skip over this release.
  10. Nullingroots has come a long way from "Please Respond". Fantastic band.
  11. You mentioned 80s post-punk earlier, that was exactly what I thought of. Something like The Sisters of Mercy.
  12. What year is this? Really does sound straight out of a time machine.
  13. Man, I do see why people are underwhelmed, but at the same time I think this EP is a nice showcase of Ameer where he's at now and he can do a lot to move forward with it. It's actually taken me a couple listens to dig tracks like Pop Trunk and Sunday Night but each of these tracks are more dynamic than I expected. A full length would require more progression, but this works quite well as a comeback.
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