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  1. Fantastic vocal performances all over this thing. "Ethereal" is beyond correct.
  2. This album is more or less as good as you're being told it is. A bit top/bottom heavy, with some room for culling near the middle, but nonetheless is quite impressive and definitely Lana's best work.
  3. Finally got around to this one. Excellent stuff, no use parsing words with it. Some of the tightest composition in the genre, excellent guitar work, strong leads, and a taste of near post-rock.
  4. Where my Tropical Fuck Storm homies at? All told, a strong month. Blanck Mass was another one that is up there, though I certainly understand that it's not going to be on this list.
  5. Hope to see you back round these parts, my Lord. Blessings to thee.
  6. I put that album on my ssqt wishlist any day now I'll have it. I'm sure someone will drop the required $150.
  7. Since the death of What.CD, it's my goto for rare material and doesn't often let me down. Thanks to @InsidAero for that Cheeto's Magazine recommendation, their album from this year is a lot of fun and worth checking out for anyone else that liked this Moron Police here.
  8. I just grabbed this one off Soulseek earlier today after a recc from a buddy, can't say there's anyone out there that sounds anything like this band (to be fair, I have not heard Cheeto's Magazine). I thought your description was as close to accurate as we're gonna get. Great upload, be sure to check it out everyone!
  9. This band can do no wrong. There was a moment in the first track where I was not sure. Now I'm sure.
  10. I don't necessarily love each moment, but there are some seriously brilliant passages. I wish "Breathe" was more than an interlude. Some pleasant emo-pop, what's not to enjoy?
  11. I wasn't a huge fan of their last release, but Belighted is still in that two month rotation for me, so hoping this one is a little bit more in that vein. Thanks for posting, hope a lot of people get into them!
  12. This song is just the most unappealing kind of mid-tempo soulless rock (lmao) - the definition of 5/10-6/10 alt.rock. If I wanted to listen to the latest edition of The Plot in You I'd just listen to the latest edition of The Plot in You. I expected better, Desk.
  13. This change is exciting and a great direction from the site overall. Being a member of staff can be tough given life's other commitments; trusted members can exist in a comfortable middle ground. New forms of sharing music are always intriguing.
  14. Happened upon this on RYM a couple months ago, mad props for posting it!
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