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  1. Ive been listening to Amity forever. But this will probably be the first album of theirs I’ll preorder. This is damn good
  2. It’s throwing me off so much that it’s not AK
  3. I didn’t know he was releasing another album so soon. Hell yeah!
  4. These guys realize I’m not listening to their music cause I’m in love with the vocals right...? I just want more sick fusions of breakdowns and edm
  5. What’s with the 808 drops on all their breakdowns...What happened to my once favorite band? I can’t believe this is the same band that plays Bottomfeeder and YWACBYNK
  6. Very solid single. I’m down for whatever future releases they’ve got
  7. why the fuck add the entire ep as part of the release? i hate that
  8. @Summers And like clockwork. Senses Fail just announced Steve is their new drummer. I’m very close to the band. They (Garret) made a facebook post yes. But it’s not a hiatus. They can’t exactly put “I broke up the band because I’m going through a lot and Im pushing towards 40”
  9. The Color Morale is done. Steve Carey already joined Senses Fail and they should announce that he's joined sometime soon. Garett pretty much broke the band up, and the other members didn't have much say. They were all really salty that he said "hiatus" when they know full well there won't be a comeback.
  10. As someone who’s been with BTF since their demos. I’m extremely dissapointed in the direction they’ve been heading post Hollow Bodies. They used to want to be rock legends, and do awesome drum solos and guitar solos on tour with their buddies in ABR. And now half the damn song is electronic! Lyrically I don’t even understand what this song is supposed to be about. Hype 4/10.
  11. Notttt a fan of the electronics I mean it’s a good song. But definitely doesn’t sound like the James Bay who sang Hold Back The River.