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  1. Wow. This is amazing. Gave me a depressing Sam Smith feel at the beginning
  2. I’m digging the TakingBackSunday cover. I like how they made it their own
  3. Seems it’ll be an unpopular opinion. But this sounds like some crap a risecore band would release 5 years ago. I feel the scene has progressed past this
  4. Going to see them tomorrow! Fuckin love these guys
  5. Hell yeah! Hopefully this band lasts longer than his last one. He’ll be the hardcore Jonny
  6. KC would just do high pitch untollerable notes randomly throughout the songs. Not having my ears bleed after every song is a great improvement
  7. This is it. This is how you release new music after 4 years. With a 9 year throwback to easily one of my favorite albums of that time.
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