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  1. I love this. Gives me a Saoson-The Grey EP vibe. Just a little less kill myself to it
  2. My fave deathcore band is back and still doing it the only way you should.
  3. You just can’t like bands in this genre anymore. 3 years? Really?
  4. I love this. Kinda reminds me of Pianos Become The Teeth
  5. That’s a 3 album strike and i’m out. I had hope they’d turn it around. But the decline with these past 3 albums has been too much.
  6. This is easily the best song they’ve released so far
  7. Dispose was straight fire. I’m seeing those dudes tonight!
  8. These guys are so damn good. Just waiting for the day they get brought onto a good tour
  9. This is some good stuff. Thanks for the upload
  10. Can’t wait to play this for my youth group kids, they’re gonna love it
  11. Overall pretty disappointed. Glad I didn’t preorder because honestly the album gets boring after a while. I mean the “yeah yeah yeahs” in Buried Alive just seem monotonous and drag on. It’s the same Amity, all they did was add a few electronic sounds
  12. Think there’s a possibility of getting another album so soon? I mean 2 new singles this year already?
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