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  1. I am so damn happy right now. I was already going to preorder based off of that amazing hypnotoad artwork, and now I can listen to it until I hate
  2. These guys are pretty undecided when it comes to one band. But I dig it
  3. Another good one down. You can really tell how the site changes when certain admins step down. Let’s see how the site content adjusts. Thanks for keeping the chats clean and the music consistent.
  4. @TreeInTheWind Who? I just didn’t find the intro orgasmically amazing. If people can comment “omg this is the best song of our generation” then I can say “man that intro was whack”
  5. What the hell even is this? That intro belonged back in 2010, super cringe
  6. Great progression from these guys. I felt KC was holding them back, those highs were always a bit much.
  7. Nice pick up Sharptone!! Love some Curses. My only thing was the older tracks weren’t the best quality
  8. I’ve jammed this record about 5 times now. Absolutely love the experimental acoustic stuff. His song All The Things Your Searching for, sounds like his response to Halsey’s “You Should Be Sad.” If you like depression and feels this album is a banger
  9. Holy Shit. They’re still making music! I used to jam these guys heavy about 10 years ago lol
  10. The Sound was the “acoustic” song. I feel Repay is Landons redemption acoustic song cause he’s said he didn’t like the sound. I’ve been listening to this regularly since they did the live stream.
  11. First band to do a different version of the spongebob F.U.N. Noice
  12. Where was this released? I don’t see anything on streaming services and no mention of it on their socials
  13. Love this man. Been making gold his entire career
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