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  1. Cause shade never made anyone less gay. Shade didn’t make this song any less gay.
  2. If I’m not mistaken, she was killed wasn’t she?
  3. Wonder if they ran into The Maine when they were doing their album art shoot
  4. Haven’t heard from this guys in a minute. Glad they’re still around
  5. This album jams. Feel bad for the dudes. Definitely support this when it drops.
  6. Wow. This is amazing. Gave me a depressing Sam Smith feel at the beginning
  7. Another day, another DGD to keep me goin
  8. I’m digging the TakingBackSunday cover. I like how they made it their own
  9. Seems it’ll be an unpopular opinion. But this sounds like some crap a risecore band would release 5 years ago. I feel the scene has progressed past this
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