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  1. These guys are so damn good. Just waiting for the day they get brought onto a good tour
  2. This is some good stuff. Thanks for the upload
  3. Can’t wait to play this for my youth group kids, they’re gonna love it
  4. Overall pretty disappointed. Glad I didn’t preorder because honestly the album gets boring after a while. I mean the “yeah yeah yeahs” in Buried Alive just seem monotonous and drag on. It’s the same Amity, all they did was add a few electronic sounds
  5. Think there’s a possibility of getting another album so soon? I mean 2 new singles this year already?
  6. Ive been listening to Amity forever. But this will probably be the first album of theirs I’ll preorder. This is damn good
  7. It’s throwing me off so much that it’s not AK
  8. I didn’t know he was releasing another album so soon. Hell yeah!
  9. These guys realize I’m not listening to their music cause I’m in love with the vocals right...? I just want more sick fusions of breakdowns and edm