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  1. This album was great. But making a deluxe album...that’s such a disgusting cash grab. What next the studio demos? The B-sides?
  2. Man. Idk what it is about these guys. But I’ve enjoyed all 3 singles so far.
  3. Little too fast for Mikeys voice it felt. I don’t know, their sound doesn’t hit the same like when they first popped up.
  4. So hyped. I got tickets for her summer tour cause I loved all the singles released
  5. Don’t say you love metalcore if you don’t enjoy headcave.
  6. I really enjoyed it. Definitely a listening experience and perfect for background/studying music
  7. I loved their first release. This seems a bit rushed to release. But I dig it enough to throw it in the mix
  8. Gonna be honest. I don’t even know what was going on in the first half.
  9. I preferred Devins voice for the style. This seems more like a quick cash grab. It’ll die again as quickly as the first time.
  10. Love these dudes! Haven’t been disappointed with any of their releases.
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